Microgenetic Approach to the Conscious Mind

Talis Bachmann | Institute of Law, Estonia
ISBN 9789027251459 (Eur) | EUR 72.00
ISBN 9781556198410 (USA) | USD 108.00
ISBN 9789027299895 | EUR 72.00 | USD 108.00
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Many secrets of nature have been discovered since we have a better understanding of microstructures, for example subatomic spheres in physics and genetic structures in biochemistry. This book is set to convey an overview of the history, methods, findings and theoretical accounts of microgenetic research in consciousness and experimental psychology. The reader will find information about how conscious percepts unfold within only a fraction of a second. In a sense, and according to the microgenetic hypothesis, our subjectively experienced perceptual image undergoes formation similar to the process of developing a photograph. Yet the time scale of the awareness-related perceptual development is much finer and therefore accessible only to observation armed with special experimental procedures that are exposed in this book. In addition, the author presents empirical findings and theoretical interpretations from his own lab.

Professor Talis Bachmann has been active in microgenetic research on attention, perception and consciousness for more than 25 years. (Series B)

[Advances in Consciousness Research, 25]  2000.  xiv, 300 pp.
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