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ISSN 0761-022X
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Actes Sémiotiques

Director Eric Landowski, Paolo Fabbri and Herman Parret

Series discontinued after volume 6.
ISSN 1566-1075
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Advances in Organization Studies

General Editor: Stewart R. Clegg and Ralph Stablein

This series includes cutting-edge theoretical and empirical books on comparative management and intercultural comparison, studies of organizational culture, communication, and aesthetics, as well as in the area of interorganizational collaboration – strategic alliances, joint ventures, networks and collaborations of... full description
ISSN 0304-0712
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Amsterdam Classics in Linguistics, 1800–1925

General Editor: E.F.K. Koerner †

Amsterdam Classics in Linguistics has been established to provide the student of language sciences with significant original sources constituting the ‘capital of ideas’ on which modern linguists have built. The series offers new editions of important – though nowadays often inaccessible – 19th and early 20th century... full description
ISSN 0165-716X
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Classics in Psycholinguistics

General Editor: E.F.K. Koerner †

This series provides students with new editions of seminal works from Europe and America which appeared during the last quarter of the 19th and the early decades of the 20th century, when psycholinguistics emerged as an important area of interdisciplinary study.
ISSN 0920-3060
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Critical Theory

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Language, Discourse and Ideology

Edited by Iris M. Zavala and Myriam Díaz-Diocaretz

Vols. 1–11
ISSN 0882-3049
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Cultura Ludens

Edited by Mihai Spariosu and Giuseppe Mazzotta

Vols. 1–4
ISSN 1384-6671
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Dialogues on Work and Innovation

Edited by Werner Fricke

The book series presents empirically based studies as well as theoretical discussions on the practice of organizational renewal. Its publications reflect the increasingly urgent need for the development of new forms of work organization. In today’s interdependent world workplace reform and orgnizational effectiveness... full description
ISSN 1568-1963
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Document Design Companion Series

Edited by Jan Renkema, Maria Laura Pardo and Ruth Wodak

This series focuses on the internal and external communication of medium-sized to multinational corporations, governmental bodies, non-profit organizations, as well as media, health care, educational and legal institutions, etc.Monographs in the series cover aspects of (electronic) discourse – written, spoken and... full description
ISSN 0168-2555
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Foundations of Semiotics

General Editor: Achim Eschbach

Vols. 1–25 (Series discontinued). This series has been established in order to provide a forum for fundamental research in the field of semiotics.
ISSN 0378-4150
Cover not available

German Language and Literature Monographs

Edited by Wolfgang W. Moelleken

Vols. 1–12 (Series discontinued). This series contains critical studies (including dissertations), editions, and translations pertaining to all aspects of German language and literature.
Cover not available

Kanonistische Studien und Texte

Edited by Georg May and Anna Engler

Vols 1–38 price quotation upon request (Series discontinued).
ISSN 1383-7591
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Language International World Directory

The Language International World Directory is a series of international listings on subjects pertaining to language related practice such as language policy and planning, training, translation, modern tools for teaching, lexicography, terminology, etc.
ISSN 0165-7712
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Linguistic and Literary Studies in Eastern Europe

Edited by Petr Sgall and Eva Hajičová

Editors: Petr Sgall and Eva Hajicová. Vols. 1–42. The emphasis of this series is on recent developments in linguistic research in the functional and structural tradition; it includes analyses, translations, and syntheses of current research as well as studies in the history of linguistic scholarship. As of vol. 43 the... full description
ISSN 1146-7673
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Nouveaux Actes Sémiotiques

Vols. 1 & 2 (Series discontinued).
ISSN 0166-6258
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Pragmatics & Beyond

Edited by Herman Parret and Jef Verschueren

From 1980–1986 texts in Pragmatics & Beyond were published at irregular intervals. The series then evolved into Pragmatics & Beyond New Series.
ISSN 0920-3079
Cover not available

Pragmatics & Beyond Companion Series

Edited by Herman Parret and Jacob L. Mey

A companion series to Pragmatics & Beyond consisting of larger monographs and collective volumes. As of 1988 the Companion Series has been merged with Pragmatics & Beyond into Pragmatics & Beyond New Series.
ISSN 1383-7583
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ISSN 0165-8743
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Purdue University Monographs in Romance Languages

Edited by Howard Mancing, Enrique Caracciolo-Trejo, Djelal Kadir, Allan H. Pasco and Allen G. Wood

Vols. 1–42. (From volume 42 onwards this series will be published by Purdue University Press). This series contains critical studies, editions, and translations pertaining to all aspects of Romance languages and literature.
ISSN 1574-552X
Cover not available

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory

Edited by Frank Drijkoningen

The yearly venues of both ‘Going Romance’ and ‘Linguistic Symposium on Romance languages’ feature research in formal linguistics of Romance languages, in the domains of syntax, morphology, phonology and semantics. Each volume brings together a peer-reviewed selection of papers that were presented at one of the... full description
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Schriften zur Philosophie der Differenz

Edited by Heinz Kimmerle

Vols. 1–5. (Series discontinued)
ISSN 0922-5072
Cover not available

Semiotic Crossroads

Edited by Paolo Fabbri, Herman Parret, Paul Perron and Eric Landowski

Vols. 1–7 (Series discontinued).
ISSN 0926-9681
Cover not available

Semiotisch Perspectief

Edited by Sorin Alexandrescu and Herman Parret

Vols. 1 & 2 (Series discontinued).
ISSN 0928-8929
Cover not available

Studies in Discourse and Grammar

Edited by Sandra A. Thompson

Studies in Discourse and Grammar is a monograph series providing a forum for research on grammar as it emerges from and is accounted for by discourse contexts. The assumption underlying the series is that corpora reflecting language as it is actually used are necessary, not only for the verification of grammatical... full description
ISSN 2215-0293
Cover not available

Studies in Generative Linguistic Analysis

Edited by Noam Chomsky, Joseph E. Emonds, Didier L. Goyvaerts, Carlos P. Otero and Elisabeth Selkirk

This series offers studies in linguistics that further our understanding of the language faculty of the mind. They are selected on the basis of theoretical interest and on how forcefully the evidence presented supports the analysis. Preference is given to original intensive research within the framework of the thesis... full description
ISSN 0927-1813
Cover not available

Studies in Speech Pathology and Clinical Linguistics

Edited by Martin J. Ball and Raymond D. Kent

Provides a platform for the development of academic debate and inquiry into the related fields of speech pathology and clinical linguistics.
ISSN 0778-4929
Cover not available

Studies in the Sciences of Language Series

General Editor: Didier L. Goyvaerts

This series brings volumes -- monographs and collections -- on topics in present-day linguistics.Formerly: Story-Scientia Linguistica Series.
ISSN 0169-0361
Cover not available

University of Pennsylvania Studies on South Asia

Edited by Rosane Rocher

Vols. 1–3
ISSN 0167-8175
Cover not available

Utrecht Publications in General and Comparative Literature

Edited by Hans Bertens, Douwe W. Fokkema †, Harald Hendrix, Joost J. Kloek, Sophie Levie and Ann Rigney

ISSN 0169-1724
Cover not available

Viennese Heritage/Wiener Erbe

Edited by Achim Eschbach and H. Walter Schmitz

Vols. 1–3.