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AICArgumentation in Context
AISAdvances in Interaction Studies
AiCRAdvances in Consciousness Research
C&EBConsciousness & Emotion Book Series
CALConstructional Approaches to Language
CELCRConverging Evidence in Language and Communication Research
CLCCChildren’s Literature, Culture, and Cognition
CLSCCCognitive Linguistic Studies in Cultural Contexts
CLiPCognitive Linguistics in Practice
CVSControversies: Ethics and Interdisciplinarity
CoLLContact Language Library
FTLFigurative Thought and Language
GSGesture Studies
HCPHuman Cognitive Processing: Cognitive Foundations of Language Structure and Use
IHLLIssues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics
ILLIconicity in Language and Literature
LALinguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today
LALLinguistic Approaches to Literature
MiLCCMetaphor in Language, Cognition, and Communication
SLCSStudies in Language Companion Series
SWLLStudies in Written Language and Literacy
SiNStudies in Narrative
THRTopics in Humor Research
TSLTypological Studies in Language
All editors
BCTBenjamins Current Topics
ZNot in series
Anke de Looper
AHSAdvances in Historical Sociolinguistics
ATOHApproaches to Hungarian
B.St.Ph.Bochumer Studien zur Philosophie
CAGRALCase and Grammatical Relations Across Languages
CILTCurrent Issues in Linguistic Theory
IVITRAIVITRA Research in Linguistics and Literature: Studies, Editions and Translations
LFABLanguage Faculty and Beyond: Internal and External Variation in Linguistics
LISLingvisticæ Investigationes Supplementa
LISLLibrary and Information Sources in Linguistics
NSSNOWELE Supplement Series
SALStudies in Arabic Linguistics
SFSLStudies in Functional and Structural Linguistics
SILVStudies in Language Variation
SiGLStudies in Germanic Linguistics
SiHoLSStudies in the History of the Language Sciences
TARTopics in Address Research
WLPStudies in World Language Problems
Isja Conen
ATAAmerican Translators Association Scholarly Monograph Series
BTLBenjamins Translation Library
CHLELComparative History of Literatures in European Languages
CLUCulture and Language Use: Studies in Anthropological Linguistics
DAPSACDiscourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture
DSDialogue Studies
FILLMFILLM Studies in Languages and Literatures
FITFIT Monograph Series/Collection
HOPHandbook of Pragmatics
HSLDHamburg Studies on Linguistic Diversity
HTSHandbook of Translation Studies
HoPHHandbook of Pragmatics Highlights
HoTHandbook of Terminology
ImpactIMPACT: Studies in Language, Culture and Society
LOALLLondon Oriental and African Language Library
MDMMultilingualism and Diversity Management
P&bnsPragmatics & Beyond New Series
SCLDStudies in Chinese Language and Discourse
SECShakespeare in European Culture
SLSIStudies in Language and Social Interaction
TLRPTerminology and Lexicography Research and Practice
VEAWVarieties of English Around the World
Kees Vaes
AALSAILA Applied Linguistics Series
BPABilingual Processing and Acquisition
CLLCreole Language Library
HSMHamburg Studies on Multilingualism
ILLAInnovations in Language Learning and Assessment
LALDLanguage Acquisition and Language Disorders
LL&LTLanguage Learning & Language Teaching
LSSELanguage Studies, Science and Engineering
NLPNatural Language Processing
OCULIOCULI: Studies in the Arts of the Low Countries
PALARTProcessability Approaches to Language Acquisition Research & Teaching
RMALResearch Methods in Applied Linguistics
SCLStudies in Corpus Linguistics
SiBilStudies in Bilingualism
TBLTTask-Based Language Teaching: Issues, Research and Practice
TiLARTrends in Language Acquisition Research
VARGReBValency, Argument Realization and Grammatical Relations in Baltic