Neurochemistry of Consciousness

Neurotransmitters in mind

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This pioneering book explores in depth the role of neurotransmitters in conscious awareness. The central aim is to identify common neural denominators of conscious awareness, informed by the neurochemistry of natural, drug induced and pathological states of consciousness. Chemicals such as acetylcholine and dopamine, which bridge the synaptic gap between neurones, are the 'neurotransmitters in mind' that form the substance of the volume, which is essential reading for all who believe that unravelling mechanisms of consciousness must include these vital systems of the brain.

Up-to-date information is provided on:

  • Psychological domains of attention, motivation, memory, sleep and dreaming that define normal states of consciousness.
  • Effects of chemicals that alter or abolish consciousness, including hallucinogens and anaesthetics.
  • Disorders of the brain such as dementia, schizophrenia and depression considered from the novel perspective of the way these affect consciousness, and how this might relate to disturbances in neurotransmission.
(Series B)

[Advances in Consciousness Research, 36]  2002.  xii, 344 pp.
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Table of Contents
Susan Greenfield
I. Neurotransmitter Systems
1. Neurotransmitter networks
Elaine K. Perry and Allan H. Young
2. Cholinergic transmission: Novel signal transduction
Nancy J. Woolf
II. Natural Alterations of Consciousness
3. Attention
Andrew Scholey
4. Memory
Caroline Stewart
5. Motivation: Reward and punishment systems
Heather Ashton
6. Sleep: Slow wave and non-REM stages
Ann Sharpley
7. Dreaming: Cholinergic and dopaminergic hypotheses
Mark Solms
8. Dreaming: Monoaminergic disinhibition hypothesis
Claude Gottesmann
III. Drug-Induced Alterations in Consciousness
9. General anesthetics
Pamela Flood
10. Effects of drugs on sleep
Heather Ashton
11. Neuroleptics
Clive Ballard and Margaret Piggott
12. Delirium and hallucinations
Heather Ashton
13. Plants of the gods: Ethnic routes to altered consciousness
Elaine K. Perry
IV. Brain Pathology and Consciousness
14. Alzheimer’s disease: Focus on the cholinergic system
Daniel I. Kaufer
15. Parkinson’s disease
Dag Aarsland and Randi Starrfelt
16. Dementia with Lewy bodies: A disorder of consciousness?
Matthew Walker and Elaine K. Perry
17. Schizophrenia
Gavin P. Reynolds
18. Mood disorders
Hamish McAllister-Williams
19. Mental retardation and autism
Gregory O'Brien and Louise Barnard
“Starting with a general introduction to brain chemistry, the reader can take a journey through normal brain processes, into the world of drug-induced changes in consciousness, and finally into the chilling world of dysfunctions in consciousness. Subjects covered are truly comprehensive and of such an astonishing range, that even the dedicated brain specialist will be able to learn something, as well as the non-specialist, and gain a wonderful overview of how consciousness might take place within the brain.”
“[...] by suggesting altered neurotransmitter function this volume may underpin states of altered consciousness. It holds out the hope that these may eventually be amenable to pharmacotherapy.”
“If this book were untitled, I would conclude that it was one of the best available textbooks on basic and clinical neuropharmacology. [...] The book is part of a series on advances in consciousness research, including cognitive psychology, linguistics and neurophilosophy. If these are of the same quality this would be a mouth-wateringly interesting series of books on the neurosciences.”
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