Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

6 March 2023

Review of Cortés & Monzó-Nebot (2021): Translating Asymmetry-Rewriting Power
Jinquan Yu | 6 pp.

17 February 2023

Review of Takeda (2021): Interpreters and War Crimes
Reviewed by Han Lili | 4 pp.

14 February 2023

English translation of Chinese calligraphic aesthetics
Ge Song | 19 pp.

20 January 2023

A deficient presence: Translating Old Master Q Chinese Idioms LOL for edutainment
Michelle Chan | 24 pp.

16 January 2023

Review of Lee & Wang (2022): Translation and Social Media Communication in the Age of the Pandemic
Reviewed by Sun Xichen | 5 pp.

12 January 2023

Review of Nunes, Moura & Pacheco Pinto (2020): Genetic Translation Studies. Conflict and Collaboration in Liminal Spaces
Reviewed by Giada Brighi | 4 pp.
Rhyming prose and archaizing: Translating the Arabic Badí‘ Al-Zamán Al-Hamadhání’s Maqāmāt
Amr M. El-Zawawy | 18 pp.
Comparing L2 translation, translation revision, and post-editing competences in translation trainees: An exploratory study into Dutch–French translation
Isabelle S. Robert, Iris Schrijver and Jim J. Ureel | 31 pp.
Review of Børdahl & Qi (2022): Jin Ping Mei – A Wild Horse in Chinese Literature: Essays on Texts, Illustrations and Translations of a Late Sixteenth-Century Masterpiece
Reviewed by Dylan K. Wang | 4 pp.

2 January 2023

Review of Bittner (2020): Evaluating the Evaluator: A Novel Perspective on Translation Quality Assessment
Reviewed by Vedrana Čemerin Dujmić | 5 pp.

13 December 2022

Gatekeeping of translations in Shinchunji in South Korea during the Cold War (1946–1954) from the text mining approach
Ye Jin Kim, Jin Young Tak, Eun Joon Kwak and Hyo Sook Kim | 30 pp.

25 November 2022

Review of Bai (2022): Mapping the Translator A Study of Liang Shiqiu
Reviewed by Xiaodi Wang | 6 pp.

21 November 2022

Review of Deckert (2019): Audiovisual Translation–Research and Use
Huihang Jia | 5 pp.
Review of Díaz Cintas & Remael (2021): Subtitling: Concepts and Practices
Reviewed by Lisi Liang | 4 pp.

10 November 2022

L’intelligence interculturelle en traduction: Étude de cas
Marie-Évelyne Le Poder | 25 pp.

21 September 2022

Review of Šveda (2021): Changing Paradigms and Approaches in Interpreter Training: Perspectives from Central Europe
Paweł Korpal | 5 pp.