Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

22 September 2021

The impact of crowdsourcing and online collaboration in professional translation: Charting the future of translation?
Miguel A. Jiménez-Crespo | 24 pp.
“All the pieces matter” La traducción subtitulada del lenguaje vulgar en The Wire
Javier Ortiz García | 27 pp.

21 September 2021

Critique de Gravet & Lievois (2021): Vous avez dit littérature belge francophone ? Le défi de la traduction
Compte rendu par Manon Hayette | 5 pp.

16 July 2021

Learning Chinese political formulaic phraseology from a self-built bilingual united nations security council corpus: A pilot study
Wu Baimei, Andrew K.F. Cheung and Xing Jie | 22 pp.
On translating Emily Brontë’s style in Wuthering Heights into Arabic
Fatima Muhaidat | 22 pp.

6 April 2021

Review of Hatim (2020): Communication across cultures: The linguistics of texts in translation
Reviewed by Kexin Du | 7 pp.