Making Minds

The shaping of human minds through social context

| St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, N.S.
| Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München
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ISBN 9789027292742 | EUR 95.00 | USD 143.00
Social stimuli are important proximate determinants of human thought, action, and behaviour. But does the social environment also have deeper, profounder, and possibly more distal impact on more lasting psychological structures and forms, generalizing across time and domains, such as traits, self-consciousness, abilities, and talents? This volume takes an interdisciplinary approach to the question of if, how, and how far the mind is socially fabricated: Philosophical contributions address conceptual tools for analyses of how person perceivers shape the psychological structures of the person perceived. Social psychologists consider some of the more local mechanisms of “mind making”, including self fulfilling prophecies, attributions, and self-verification. Moreover, they address the dramatic consequences of being ostracised. From a clinical perspective it is investigated how patients’ immediate social environment (e.g., the family) impacts on schizophrenic relapse. In addition, developmental psychologists report on investigations of the role of social factors, e.g., imitative learning, for the development of the social self. Finally an ethological perspective demonstrates the susceptibility of animals to social stimuli. These papers were previously published as Interaction Studies 6:1 and 6:3 (2005).
[Benjamins Current Topics, 4]  2007.  ix, 275 pp.
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Table of Contents
Foreword: Making Minds: The shapping of human minds through social context
Of minds and mirrors: An introduction to the social making of minds
Wolfgang Prinz, Friedrich Försterling and Petra Hauf
How minds and selves are made: Some conceptual preliminaries
Martin Kusch
Dynamics of social coordination: The synchronization of internal states in close relationships
Robin R. Vallacher, Andrzej Nowak and Michal Zochowski
Construing and constructing others: On the reality and the generality of the behavioral confirmation scenario
Mark Snyder and Olivier Klein
The self and identity negotiation
William B. Swann, Jr.
Social reality makes the social mind: Self-fulfilling prophecy, stereotypes, bias, and accuracy
Lee Jussim, Kent D. Harber, Jarret T. Crawford, Thomas R. Cain and Florette Cohen
How to do things with logical expressions: Creating collective value through co-ordinated reasoning
Denis Hilton, Gaëlle Villejoubert and Jean-François Bonnefon
Attributions and peer harassment
Sandra Graham
The shaping of individuals’ mental structures and dispositions by others: Findings from research on expressed emotion
Kurt Hahlweg
Ostracism: The making of the ignored and excluded mind
Kipling D. Williams and Jonathan Gerber
Self processes in interdependent relationships: Partner affirmation and the Michelangelo phenomenon
Caryl E. Rusbult, Madoka Kumashiro, Shevaun L. Stocker, Jeffrey L. Kirchner, Eli J. Finkel and Michael K. Coolsen
Constructing perspectives in the social making of minds
Jeremy I.M. Carpendale, Charlie Lewis, Ulrich Müller and Timothy P. Racine
The shaping of animals’ minds
Lucie H. Salwiczek and Wolfgang Wickler
Chimpanzees are sensitive to some of the psychological states of others
Josep Call
The understanding of own and others’ actions during infancy: “You-like-Me” or “Me-like-You”?
Petra Hauf and Wolfgang Prinz
Experiencing contingency and agency: First step toward self-understanding in making a mind?
Jacqueline Nadel, Ken Prepin and Mako Okanda
The social construction of the cultural mind: Imitative learning as a mechanism of human pedagogy
György Gergely and Gergely Csibra
File Change Semantics for Preschoolers: Alternative naming and belief understanding
Josef Perner and Johannes L. Brandl
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Consciousness Research

Consciousness research
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