Twentieth-Century Chinese Translation Theory

Modes, issues and debates

Leo Tak-hung Chan | Lingnan University
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Past attempts at writing a history of Chinese translation theory have been bedeviled by a chronological approach, which often forces the writer to provide no more than a list of important theories and theorists over the centuries. Or they have stretched out to almost every aspect related to translation in China, so that the historical/political backdrop that had an influence on translation theorizing turns out to be more important than the theories themselves. In the present book, the author hopes to devote exclusive attention to the ideas themselves. The approach adopted centers around eight key issues that engaged the attention of theorists through the course of the twentieth century, in the hope that a historical account will be presented that is not time-bound. On the basis of 38 articles translated into English by teachers and scholars of translation, the author has written four essays discussing the Chinese characteristics of this body of theory. Separately they focus on the impressionistic, the modern, the postcolonial, and the poststructuralist approaches deployed by leading Chinese theorists from 1901 to 1998. It is hoped that publication of this book will make possible cross-cultural dialogue with translation academics in the West, although the general reader will find much firsthand information on Chinese thinking about translation.
[Benjamins Translation Library, 51] 2004.  xvi, 277 pp.
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“This new book by Leo Chan is an important and much needed work which will help bridge the gap between different contexts of translation theorizing across the globe. It will be particularly useful for those interested in comparative studies of East-West translation studies. [...] The book breaks new ground by injecting valuable Chinese theories of translation into the domain of English scholarship in translation theories will benefit greatly from this anthology. Chinese scholars and students can also use it as a practical sample of translating translation theories from Chinese.”
“This beautifully produced volume is extremely insightful and thought-provoking. One need not read it from cover to cover; readers will surely enjoy browsing through it, and feel free to start reading with any article. The reader's intellectual satisfaction is guaranteed. The volume successfully combines old and new answers, traditional and modern approaches, blending Eastern, metaphorical language with Western terminology. This volume has to be read slowly, and given the kind of attention that a wine-taster pays to a sip of good wine. Running through the pages fast is like driving on an eight-lane higway at full speed in the middle of a scenic, ancient landscape - we might get to our destination quickly, but we are sure to have missed the essence of the trip.”
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