The Lexical Basis of Grammatical Borrowing

A Prince Edward Island French case study

Ruth King | York University, Toronto
ISBN 9789027237163 (Eur) | EUR 110.00
ISBN 9781588110145 (USA) | USD 165.00
ISBN 9789027299512 | EUR 110.00 | USD 165.00
This book is a detailed study of French-English linguistic borrowing in Prince Edward Island, Canada which argues for the centrality of lexical innovation to grammatical change. Chapters 1–4 present the theoretical and methodological perspectives adopted along with the sociolinguistic history of Acadian French. Chapter 5 outlines the basic features of Acadian French morphosyntax. Chapter 6 provides an overview of the linguistic consequences of language contact in Prince Edward Island. Chapters 7–9 consider three particular cases of grammatical borrowing: the borrowing of the English adverb back and the semantic and syntactic reanalysis it has undergone, the borrowing of a wide range of English prepositions, resulting in dramatic changes in the syntactic behaviour of French prepositions, and the borrowing of English wh-ever words, resulting in the emergence of a new type of free relative. Chapter 10 argues for a theory of grammar contact by which contact-induced grammatical change is mediated by the lexicon.
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 209]  2000.  xvi, 241 pp.
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“King provides a rigorous syntactic analysis within a clear theoretical framework, of data collected with sociolinguistic thoroughness and insight [and] provides a mechanism for the structural inter-influence of languages in contact, arguing pervasively for the centrality of lexical borrowing.”
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