Information Design

An introduction

Rune Pettersson | Mälardalen University, Eskilstuna, Sweden
ISBN 9789027232038 (Eur) | EUR 68.00
ISBN 9781588113382 (USA) | USD 102.00
ISBN 9789027296962 | EUR 68.00 | USD 102.00
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The goal of communication-oriented design of messages should always be clarity of communication. In information design the task of the sender is actually not completed until the receivers have received and understood the intended messages.
Information Design – An introduction includes chapters explaining verbo-visual communication, information and message design principles, design processes, and design tools. These chapters can be seen as a general framework for production of information and learning materials. Based on theories for verbo-visual communication this book presents several practial guidelines for the use of text, symbols, visuals, typography, and layout in information and learning materials.
Rune Pettersson is Professor of Information Design at the Department of Innovation, Design and Product Development (IDP) at Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna, Sweden.
[Document Design Companion Series, 3] 2002.  x, 296 pp.
Publishing status: Available
Table of Contents
“This book, without any doubt, may be regarded the very text book of our trade. [...] the content of these pages is a welcome summary for the curious, the learners and the professionals. Detailed references (20 pages) widen the horizon for those who would like to dive deeper into the subject.”
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