Creating Connectedness

The role of social research in innovation policy

Bjørn Gustavsen | National Institute for Working Life, Stockholm
Håkon Finne | National Institute for Working Life, Stockholm
Bo Oscarsson | National Institute for Working Life, Stockholm
ISBN 9789027217837 (Eur) | EUR 72.00
ISBN 9781588110497 (USA) | USD 108.00
ISBN 9789027299437 | EUR 72.00 | USD 108.00
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Using a workplace development program as source of experience the book deals with the development of innovation processes. Since innovation means to explore the unique and the special to bring forth what does not (yet) exist, each innovation process must in itself be an innovation. The study explores the tools and activities needed to create such processes, like dialogue, networking, coalition building, and social partnership. The authors report from the position of collaborative actors involved in the innovation process rather than external observers.
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 13] 2001.  x, 282 pp.
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