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Anne Schröder , University of Bielefeld
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Guidelines for contributors of articles to EWW

Authors wishing to submit articles for publication in English World-Wide are requested to do so through the journal’s online submission and manuscript tracking site. Please consult the Short Guide to EM for Authors before you submit your paper.

Submission should be prepared in line with the journal's stylesheet.

The length of the manuscripts should be as follows: 
Regular papers: 8000-10000 words
Regular reviews: 1500-2000 words
Comparative reviews: 4000-6000 words
Focus articles: 500-1000 words


John Benjamins journals are committed to maintaining the highest standards of publication ethics and to supporting ethical research practices. Please read this Ethics Statement.


John Benjamins Publishing Company has an agreement in place with Portico for the archiving of all its online journals and e-books.

Rights and Permissions

Authors must ensure that they have permission to use any third-party material in their contribution; the permission should include perpetual (not time-limited) world-wide distribution in print and electronic format.

For more information, please consult the authors' rights page.

Open Access

For information about possibilities to post a version of your article online or in an institutional repository ('green' open access), please consult the authors' rights page.

EWW offers the possibility for accepted papers to be made available under the 'gold' open access model immediately upon publication, after payment of a fee (Article Publication Charge, APC) by or on behalf of the author. For more information, see our Open Access policy.