Information Design Journal

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

9 December 2022

Scrolling into the Newsroom: A vocabulary for scrollytelling techniques in visual online articles
Jonas Oesch, Adina Renner and Manuel Roth

6 December 2022

The power of information design in enhancing the organization of information and course material in an online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
Maria dos Santos Lonsdale, Xiaoxiao Qin, Yun Chen, Heather Green, Maha Algethami and Jiawen Xu

2 December 2022

“I learned it on the job” Becoming a Data Visualization Professional in News Media
Salomé Esteves and Marco Neves
Immersive Architectures for Visual Data Literacy
Dario Rodighiero, Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Elian Carsenat, Jules Döring, Oliver Elias, Michaela Fragner and Stepha Farkashazy

21 November 2022

Visualising vapours: Graphical representation of Covid-19 transmission
Will Stahl-Timmins
Effects of changes in spacing on dual-script sign legibility: The role of vertical connecting spacing in bilingual (Chinese-English) traffic signs
Yuchan Zhang and Jeanne-Louise Moys

17 November 2022

Isotype of the conquest: Pictographic numeracy in sixteenth-century colonial México
Maria del Mar Navarro

10 November 2022

Surprise machines: Revealing Harvard Art Museums’ image collection
Dario Rodighiero, Lins Derry, Douglas Duhaime, Jordan Kruguer, Maximilian C. Mueller, Christopher Pietsch, Jeffrey Schnapp, Jeff Steward and metaLAB

7 November 2022

Seeing what is not shown: Combining visualization critique and design to surface the limitations in data
Nicole Hengesbach, Greg J. McInerny and João Porto de Albuquerque
Communicating qualitative uncertainty in data visualization: Two cases from within the digital humanities
Georgia Panagiotidou and Andrew Vande Moere | 12 pp.
A dynamic topography for visualizing time and space in fictional literary texts
Andrew Richardson and Duncan Hay
“This figure could be better, but how?” Advancing design critique in STEM research labs
Vassilissa Semouchkina, Yeechi Chen, Kevin Larson and Karen Cheng

25 October 2022

Instructions for COVID-19 self-tests: What parts of the test are the most difficult to get right and how can information design help?
Sue Walker, Josefina Bravo, Al Edwards, Julie Hart and Gemma Little

14 October 2022

JPL/Caltech ArtCenter: Towards a collaborative methodology for interactive scientific data visualization
Maggie Hendrie, Hillary Mushkin, Santiago Lombeyda and Scott Davidoff | 9 pp.

3 October 2022

Applications of the Document Towers method of representing document structures
Vlad Atanasiu