International Journal of Corpus Linguistics

Online-first articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

25 April 2024

Case and agreement variation in contact: A multifactorial investigation of it -clefts across World Englishes
Yi Zhang and Ming Yue | 35 pp.

16 April 2024

A user-friendly corpus tool for disciplinary data-driven learning: Introducing CorpusMate
Peter Crosthwaite and Vít Baisa | 16 pp.

4 April 2024

Review of Flach & Hilpert (2022): Broadening the spectrum of corpus linguistics: New approaches to variability and change
Kristen Fleckenstein | 5 pp.

25 March 2024

Down-sampling from hierarchically structured corpus data
Lukas Sönning | 27 pp.

13 February 2024

“People should get their booster” Stance towards Covid vaccination in news and academic blogs
Hang (Joanna) Zou and Ken Hyland | 25 pp.

29 January 2024

Modeling the locative alternation in Mandarin Chinese: A corpus-based study
Mengmin Xu, Fuyin Thomas Li and Benedikt Szmrecsanyi | 28 pp.

7 December 2023

Framing the path to net zero: A corpus-assisted discourse analysis of sustainability disclosures by major corporate emitters, 2011–2020
Matteo Fuoli and Annika Beelitz | 28 pp.

14 November 2023

Political framing of Covid-19: From metaphor to moral panic
Ariana N Mohammadi | 24 pp.

26 October 2023

Advancing Sino-Philippine linguistics and sociolinguistics using the Lannang Corpus (LanCorp): A multilingual, POS-tagged, and audio-textual databank
Wilkinson Daniel Wong Gonzales | 45 pp.

9 October 2023

The inverse frequency effect: An exploratory study
David Temperley | 34 pp.

26 September 2023

Pinpointing prescriptive impact: Using change point analysis for the study of prescriptivism at the idiolectal level
Bethan Malory | 24 pp.