ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet published in an issue.

14 April 2020

The predictive validity of the Academic IELTS test: A methodological synthesis
William S. Pearson

23 March 2020

Words from where?: Predictors of L2 English vocabulary among Norwegian university students
Nicole Louise Busby

29 October 2019

The impact of explicit instruction on different types of linguistic properties: Syntactic vs. syntax-discourse properties
Joana Teixeira

9 August 2019

Review of Siyanova-Chanturia & Pellicer-Sanchez (2019) Understanding formulaic language: A second language acquisition perspective
Reviewed by Hang Thi My Nguyen
Review of DeKeyser & Botano (2019) Doing SLA Research with Implications for the Classroom. Reconciling methodological demands and pedagogical applicability
Reviewed by Paul Pauwels

15 July 2019

Effects of rhetorical text analysis on idea generation and text quality
Gert Rijlaarsdam, Phuong Nam T. Nguyen, Tanja Janssen and Wilfried Admiraal

25 June 2019

Oral corrective feedback on written errors: Graduated feedback vs. supplemented direct feedback
Sajad Afshari, Azizollah Dabaghi and Saeed Ketabi
Extracting multiword expressions from texts with the aid of online resources: A classroom experiment
Thuy Bui, Frank Boers and Averil Coxhead
Incidental vocabulary learning through viewing television
Michael P.H. Rodgers and Stuart Webb
The effects of instructional focus and task type on pre-vocational learners’ ability in EFL oral interaction
Eline van Batenburg, Ron Oostdam, Amos van Gelderen, Ruben Fukkink and Nivja de Jong