ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics

Online-first articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

5 April 2024

PolylexFLE: A MWE database for French L2 language learners
Amalia Todiraşcu, Thomas François and Marion Cargill | 26 pp.

22 March 2024

Profiling English sentences based on CEFR levels
Satoru Uchida, Yuki Arase and Tomoyuki Kajiwara | 24 pp.

26 February 2024

Towards a graded lexical inventory of multi-word combinations: The distribution of collocations across Spanish CEFR levels
Rocío Cuberos Vicente, Elisa Rosado and Iban Mañas Navarrete | 31 pp.
Mapping of American English vocabulary by grade levels
Michael Flor, Steven Holtzman, Paul Deane and Isaac Bejar | 21 pp.
Swedish word family resource: Construction, applicability, strengths and first experiments
Elena Volodina, Yousuf Ali Mohammed and Therese Lindström Tiedemann | 35 pp.

12 December 2023

The effect of test format on productive recall of derivatives
Emi Iwaizumi and Stuart Webb | 29 pp.

29 August 2023

Review of Mohamed (2022): Reading the Arab World: A Content-Based Textbook for Intermediate to Advanced Learners of Arabic
Frida Akmalia, Yunita Laila Zulfa and Syihabuddin Syihabuddin | 3 pp.

27 July 2023

Review of Karlsson (2023): Advanced Students’ Knowledge of Vocabulary in a First and Second Language
Paul Pauwels | 4 pp.

13 July 2023

Review of Lightfoot (2020): Born to Parse: How Children Select Their Languages
Yu Fu | 6 pp.

8 June 2023

Extensive viewing and L2 vocabulary learning: Two studies in EFL classes with children and adolescents
Ferran Gesa and Imma Miralpeix | 34 pp.

12 May 2023

‘Easy Language’ for migrants in France: Looking for linguistic criteria
Emannuelle Canut, Julia Fuchs, Juliette Delahaie, Magali Husianycia and Olivier Torres | 21 pp.

6 April 2023

Review of Van den Branden (2022): How to Teach an Additional Language: To task or not to task?
Paul Pauwels | 5 pp.