ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

6 March 2023

Measuring the visual in audio-visual input: The effects of imagery in vocabulary learning through TV viewing
Geòrgia Pujadas and Carmen Muñoz | 28 pp.

13 December 2022

The acquisition of L2 Hungariangrammar rules and the implicit-explicit debate

22 November 2022

The development and preliminary validation of a new measure of self-efficacy: Questionnaire of self-efficacy in learning a foreign language
Gulsah Kutuk, David W. Putwain, Linda K. Kaye and Bethan Garrett | 33 pp.

14 November 2022

Vocabulary size estimates for Lithuanian native speakers: Is it possible to talk about L1 vocabulary size cross-linguistically?
Review of Benati (2022): Key Terms for Language Teachers. A Pocket Guide
Paul Pauwels | 5 pp.

25 October 2022

3K-LEx-MC: The creation and validation of a multiple-choice vocabulary placement test for Spanish language learners

13 October 2022

Cantonese and Korean speakers’ comprehension and appreciation of English textual humor

11 July 2022

Evaluating multiword unit word lists for academic purposes
Hang Thi My Nguyen and Averil Coxhead | 29 pp.

2 June 2022

Review of Szudarski & Barclay (2022): Vocabulary Theory, Patterning and Teaching Studies in Honour of Norbert Schmitt
Paul Pauwels | 7 pp.

30 May 2022

The relationship between extramural English engagement and the vocabulary size of L1 Cantonese speakers in Macau

24 February 2022

Exploring underlying elements of the motivational self system among learners in two instructional contexts

2 November 2021

Review of Tavakoli & Wright (2020): Second Language Speech Fluency. From Research to Practice
Paul Pauwels | 4 pp.