Instructions for Authors

  1. Submissions should focus on language education in a multilingual society with specific attention to the implications of the research. Manuscripts can report on quantitative as well as qualitative studies.
  2. Submissions should be prepared according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) 7 th edition. Submissions that do not follow the APA style or that do not correspond to the focus of ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics will be returned to authors without review.
  3. Contributions must be in English. Spelling should be either American English or British English and should be consistent throughout the paper. If not written by a native speaker, it is advisable to have the paper checked by a native speaker prior to submission.
  4. All articles published in this journal are double-blind peer reviewed.
  5. When authors refer to their own work, the citations should not be blind. However, authors should not identify themselves by using “my” or “our”. They should write “Gyllstad, Vilkaite, and Schmitt (2015) found” and not “In our study (Gyllstad, Vilkaite, & Schmitt, 2015), we found ….
  6. For initial submission, authors should submit their MANUSCRIPT in electronic form in Word only, double-spaced with 3 cm/1 inch margins. While submitting the manuscript, authors must provide a concise and informative title of the article; the name, affiliation, address and e-mail address of each author; a self-contained abstract in English (not exceeding 125 words) that should not contain any undefined abbreviations or unspecified references, and five keywords following the abstract.
  7. Submissions should be approximately 7,000 to 10,000 words long, including references, tables/figures, notes, appendices.
  8. Upon acceptance, the author will be requested to furnish the FINAL VERSION in electronic form (Word).
  9. Authors are responsible for observing copyright laws when quoting or reproducing material. The copyright of articles published in ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics is held by the publisher. Permission for the author to use the article elsewhere will be granted by the publisher provided full acknowledgement is given to the source.
  10. Papers should be reasonably divided into sections and, if appropriate, subsections. Use a clear system of headings (without numbers), preferably with not more than two levels of heading.
  11. REFERENCES and QUOTATIONS: Any quotation that runs for more than three lines should be set off from the main paragraph and does not need quotation marks. In-text references should appear in the body of the article, not in footnotes, giving the author's last name followed by the year and page number where relevant. A work by three authors should include all names in the first citation, with only the first author followed by et al. in subsequent citations; work by four or more authors should use et al. in all citations.
  12. Line drawings (FIGURES) should be submitted as reproducible originals. They should be numbered consecutively, and appropriate captions should be provided. Reference to any FIGURES should be given in the appropriate place where they should appear.
  13. TABLES should be numbered consecutively and should be referred to in the main text. TABLES should be created with Word's table function, not as spreadsheets.
  14. NOTES should appear as ENDNOTES and should be concise, kept to a minimum, and numbered consecutively throughout the paper.
  15. BOOK REVIEWS must comply with the above-mentioned guidelines. They should minimally contain a summary of the contents of the book, a description of the domain in which the topic of the book is situated and the position the volume assumes within the domain, and a critical discussion of the contribution the volume makes to the field.