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June 27 2018 “Congratulations to Maxine Waters, Whose Crazy Rants Have Made Her, Together with Nancy Pelosi, the Unhinged FACE of the Democrat Party. Together, They Will Make America Weak Again! But Have No Fear, America Is Now Stronger than Ever Before, and I’m Not Going Anywhere!Twitter. [URL] Accessed May 2 2019.
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Aug. 13 2018 “Wacky Omarosa, Who Got Fired 3 times on the Apprentice, Now Got Fired for the Last Time. She Never Made It, Never Will. She Begged Me for a Job, Tears in Her Eyes, I Said Ok. People in the White House Hated Her. She Was Vicious, but Not Smart. I Would Rarely See Her but Heard…Twitter. [URL] Accessed May 2 2019.
Aug. 13 2018 “…really Bad Things. Nasty to People & Would Constantly Miss Meetings & Work. When Gen. Kelly Came on Board He Told Me She Was a Loser & Nothing but Problems. I Told Him to Try Working It Out, If Possible, Because She Only Said GREAT Things about Me – until She Got Fired!Twitter. [URL] Accessed May 2 2019.
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Aug. 19 2018 “Some Members of the Media Are Very Angry at the Fake Story in the New York Times. They Actually Called to Complain and Apologize – a Big Step Forward. From the Day I Announced, the Times Has Been Fake News, and with Their Disgusting New Board Member, It Will Only Get Worse!Twitter. [URL] Accessed May 2 2019.
Jan. 27 2019 “CBS Reports That in the Roger Stone Indictment, Data Was “released during the 2016 Election to Damage Hillary Clinton.” Oh Really! What about the Fake and Unverified “Dossier,” a Total Phony Conjob, That Was Paid for by Crooked Hillary to Damage Me and the Trump Campaign? What…Twitter. [URL] Accessed May 2 2019.
Feb. 09 2019 “Today Elizabeth Warren, Sometimes Referred to by Me as Pocahontas, Joined the Race for President. Will She Run as Our First Native American Presidential Candidate, or Has She Decided That after 32 Years, This Is Not Playing so Well Anymore? See You on the Campaign TRAIL, Liz!Twitter. [URL]. Accessed May 2 2019.
Feb. 10 2019 “Well, It Happened Again. Amy Klobuchar Announced That She Is Running for President, Talking Proudly of Fighting Global Warming While Standing in a Virtual Blizzard of Snow, Ice and Freezing Temperatures. Bad Timing. By the End of Her Speech She Looked like a Snowman (woman)!Twitter. [URL]. Accessed May 2 2019.
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