Generative Linguistics and Acquisition

Studies in honor of Nina M. Hyams

| University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
| The Ohio State University, Columbus
| University of Florida, Gainesville
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ISBN 9789027272263 | EUR 99.00 | USD 149.00
The articles of this collection cover a wide range of formal syntactic and semantic phenomena. The focus is on a broad array of developmental syntactic phenomena, including topics in Argument Structure and Clause-Internal Syntax, the DP Domain and Learning Theory. In total, the contents of the volume illustrate ways in which theoretically informed linguistic research can explain language behavior in terms that are motivated on independent grounds and point towards new research opportunities to test theoretical claims about the adult model of grammar. The contributions of this volume are inspired by or related to the scholarship of Nina Hyams, whose dedication to rigorous, theoretically-informed research on language is well represented here.
[Language Acquisition and Language Disorders, 54]  2013.  vi, 358 pp.
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Table of Contents
Misha Becker, John Grinstead and Jason Rothman
Part I. Argument structure and clause-internal syntax in children
Animacy, argument structure and unaccusatives in child English
Misha Becker and Jeannette Schaeffer
Remarks on theoretical accounts of Japanese children’s passive acquisition
Tetsuya Sano
Early or late acquisition of inflected infinitives in European Portuguese? Evidence from spontaneous production data
Ana Lúcia Santos, Jason Rothman, Acrisio Pires and Inês Duarte
The relationship between determiner omission and root infinitives in child English
Carson Schütze
The semantics of the tense deficit in child Spanish SLI
John Grinstead, Dan McCurley, Teresa Pratt, Patrick Obregon and Blanca Flores
Part II. The DP domain
The acquisition of reflexives and pronouns by Faroese children
Sigridur Sigurjónsdóttir
Pronouns vs. definite descriptions
Kyle Johnson
An L2 study on the production of stress patterns in English compounds
María Luisa Zubizarreta, Xiao He and Natalie Jonckheere
The syntactic domain of content
Hagit Borer
Part III. Learning theory
There-insertion: How Internal Merge guides the acquisition path
Tom Roeper
Metalinguistic skills of children
Helen Cairns
Children’s Grammatical Conservatism: New evidence
Koji Sugisaki and William Snyder
Contributing to linguistic theory, language description and the characterization of language development through experimental studies
Adriana Belletti
A new theory of null-subjects of finite verbs in young children: Information-structure meets phasal computation
Kenneth Wexler
“What a great book this is: deep, broad, rich, a real testament in kind to Nina Hyams’ work, itself. This is a must have and must read for all those who teach, study or are simply interested in acquisition theory and its relationship to linguistic theory. The work covered within its pages is cutting edge and reflects the range, scope and growth in this field, once seen as peripheral to the core of linguistics, but which can no longer be seen as such. Since one of the ultimate goals of linguistic theory is to explain the acquisition of human language, the work covered in this book makes one optimistic that we are indeed on the right path.”
“This collection of theoretical and experimental papers is a fitting tribute to one of the leading figures in linguistics, Nina Hyams. Hyams has contributed groundbreaking work both in linguistic theory and in the study of child language acquisition. This collection represents state-of-the-art linguistic research in both areas, and makes clear the influence Hyams has had, and continues to have, in these areas.”
“In the early days of the principles and parameters model, Nina Hyams showed that such a theory could be applied to the study of language development with illuminating results. Ever since, theoretical work and experimental research have joined efforts in unprecedented ways, and comparative acquisition studies have flourished. This volume offers an excellent sample of the richness and variety of theory-guided acquisition research, from classical topics of L1 acquisition to the study of the L2 and pathology, and pays a well-deserved tribute to Nina Hyams’ initiating role and continuous influential contribution to this research program.”
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