Language Problems and Language Planning

Online-first articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

3 October 2023

Forging a “civil discourse” Basque studies, ideology, and science in the standardisation of the Basque language, 1900–1936
Aitor Anduaga | 23 pp.
Elites, centers and “forces collectives” Language standardization from Meillet to Gramsci – and beyond
Stefano Colistra and Rocco Walter Ronza | 21 pp.
Global, glocal or local? The construction of a new identity by peripheral social sciences and humanities journals through translation-mediated bilingual publishing
Xiangdong Li | 23 pp.

3 July 2023

Review of Salomone (2022): The rise of English: Global politics and the power of language
Jane Setter | 4 pp.

27 June 2023

Review of Wright & Higgins (2021): Diversifying Family Language Policy
Angie Baily and Xiao Lan Curdt-Christiansen | 7 pp.
Review of Faingold (2020): Language Rights and the Law in the European Union
Zhonghua Wu and Le Cheng | 5 pp.