Narrative Inquiry

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

25 July 2022

The psychophysiology of narrating distressing experiences
Monisha Pasupathi, Cecilia Wainryb, Stacia Bourne and Cade D. Mansfield | 30 pp.

30 June 2022

Storytalk and complex constructions of nonhuman agency: An interview-based investigation
Heidi Toivonen and Marco Caracciolo | 30 pp.

9 May 2022

Psychologizing childhood in the reality show Biggest Loser: Temporal ordering and narrating a fat identity
Magnus Kilger | 21 pp.

19 April 2022

Implicit narratives and narrative agency: Evaluating pandemic storytelling
Hanna Meretoja | 29 pp.

25 March 2022

Review of Bell, Browse, Gibbons & Peplow (2021): Style and Reader Response: Minds, Media, Methods
Chloe Harrison | 4 pp.
Culture and Storytelling in Literature
Qi Wang and Jenny Chun-I Yang | 11 pp.

10 March 2022

Older adults’ conversations and the emergence of “narrative crystals” A new approach to frequently told stories
Annette Gerstenberg and Heidi E. Hamilton | 34 pp.

24 February 2022

Sharing ‘memories’ on Instagram: A narrative approach to the performance of remembered experience by young women online
Taylor Annabell | 25 pp.

23 December 2021

Migrant doctors’ narratives about patients: A study of professional identity in Chile and Hong Kong
Mariana Virginia Lazzaro-Salazar and Olga Zayts-Spence | 23 pp.
Incremental validity of narrative identity in predicting psychological well-being: A replication and extension in Korean adults
Sun W. Park, Soul Kim, Hyun Moon and Hyunjin Cha | 16 pp.

30 November 2021

When it’s “now or never” Multimodal practices for managing opportunities to initiate other-repair in collaborative storytelling
Ignacio Satti | 33 pp.

25 November 2021

The other-granted self of Korean “comfort women” Analyzing interview narratives of Korean women coerced into the Japanese military’s sexual slavery during World War II
Hanwool Choe | 30 pp.

4 November 2021

Cultural memories and their re-actualizations: A narrative perspective
Thomas Van de Putte | 21 pp.

29 October 2021

Ta as an emergent language practice of audience design in CMC
Kerry Sluchinski | 28 pp.

14 October 2021

Employable identities: Social and cultural capital in the narratives of former refugees
Emily Greenbank | 29 pp.

14 September 2021

Pre-adolescents narrate classroom experience: Integrating socioemotional and spatiotemporal sensitivities
Isabella Fante and Colette Daiute | 27 pp.

5 August 2021

Forgiveness through Writing: Exploring the effects of narrative completeness, emotional expression, and physiology on forgiveness
John Patrick Crowley, Amanda Denes, Ambyre Ponivas, Shana Makos and Joseph Whitt | 30 pp.

12 July 2021

Emotional engagement in expressive writing: Clinical and discursive perspectives
Daphna Sabo Mordechay, Zohar Eviatar and Bracha Nir | 34 pp.

10 June 2021

Narrating organisational identity: Staff positions in a fast-growing Danish airport
Lise-Lotte Holmgreen | 24 pp.

31 March 2021

The power of narrative: The emotional impact of the life story interview
Ariana F. Turner, Henry R. Cowan, Rembrandt Otto-Meyer and Dan P. McAdams | 29 pp.