Article published in:
Grammarians, Skalds and Rune Carvers I
Edited by Robert Nedoma and Michael Schulte
[NOWELE 69:1] 2016
► pp. 95112


I. The Books Mentioned in Talbot 1847

Adelung, Johann C.
1808Grammatisch-kritisches Wörterbuch der Hochdeutschen Mundart. Wien: B. P. Bauer, et al.Google Scholar
1806-1817Mithridates. Berlin: Vossische Buchhandlung.Google Scholar
Armstrong, Robert A.
1825A Gaelic dictionary.... London: J. Duncan.Google Scholar
Bosworth, J.
1838A compendious Anglo-Saxon and English dictionary. London: Reeves and Turner.Google Scholar
Brand, J.
1810Observations on the popular antiquities of Great Britain.... London: Printed for Vernor, Hood and Sharpe, etc. (or New Castle upon Tyne, London: J. Johnson, 1777).Google Scholar
Cotgrave, R.
1611A dictionary of the French and English tongues. London: Printed by Adam Islip.Google Scholar
Court de Gébelin, A.
1781Monde primitif. Paris: L’auteur.Google Scholar
Donaldson, John W.
1838The new Cratylus, or contributions towards a more accurate knowledge of the Greek language. Cambridge: J. and J. J. Deighton (or 1839—London: J. W. Parker).Google Scholar
Facciolati, J.
1822Dictionarium Latino-Gallicum.... Paris (another ed., 1839).Google Scholar
Florio, J.
1611Queen Anna’s new world of words. London: Printed by Melch Bradwood.Google Scholar
Forbes, D. & S. Arnot
1828A new Persian grammar…. London: Printed for the London Oriental Institute and W. Nicol.Google Scholar
Gesenius, W.
1826 (1834)Hebräische Grammatik. Halle: Renger. (Or his Lexicon Manuale Hebraicum et Chaldaicum in Veteris Testamenti Libros . Lipsiae: Sum[p]tibus typisce G.C.C. Vogelii, 1832).Google Scholar
Halliwell, James O.
1845A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words.... London: John Russell Smith.Google Scholar
Hickes, G.
1705Linguarum Vett septentrionalium thesaurus grammatico-criticus et archæologicus. Oxoniæ: E Theatro Sheldoniano.Google Scholar
Ingram, J.
1807An inaugural lecture on the utility of Anglo-Saxon literature.... Oxford: The University Press for the author.Google Scholar
Jamieson, J.
1808An etymological dictionary of the Scottish language. Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable, etc.Google Scholar
Johnson, S.
1755A dictionary of the English language. London: Printed by W. Strahan for J. and P. Knapton, etc.Google Scholar
Lemon, George W.
1783English etymology. London: G. Robinson.Google Scholar
Lhuyd, E.
1707Archaeologia Britannica. Oxford: Printed at the theater for the author.Google Scholar
Macrobius, A.
1605Grammaticæ Latinæ auctores antiqui…. Hanoviæ: Typis Wechelianis, apud Claudium Marnium, & hæredes Joannis Aubrii.Google Scholar
Mallet, Paul H.., et al.
1847Northern antiquities.... London: H. G. Bonn.Google Scholar
Maßmann, H.V.
1834Auslegung des Evangelii Johannis in gotischer Sprache.... München: George Jaquet.Google Scholar
Meidinger, H.
1833Vergleichendes etymologisches Wörterbuch der gotisch-teutonischen Mundarten.... Frankfurt am Main: Bei Johann V. Meidinger. (2nd ed. 1836.)Google Scholar
Ménage, G.
1694Dictionnaire étymologique ou les origines de la langue françoise.... Paris: J. Anisson. (2nd ed., Paris: Briasson, 1750.)Google Scholar
Minsheu, J.
1617Ductor in linguas. The Guide into the Tongues.... London: Publ. by the author. (2nd ed., London: John Haviland, 1627.)Google Scholar
Morrison, R.
1840English and Chinese vocabulary.... Calcutta: Thacker.Google Scholar
Murray, A.
1823History of the European languages.... Edinburgh: A. Constable & Co.Google Scholar
Passov, F.
1813Handwörterbuch der griechischen Sprache = Johann Gottlieb Schneiders Handwörterbuch der griechischen Sprache. Leipzig: Vogel (also, 1819–1823, 1826).Google Scholar
Portus, A.., et al.
1705Souidas. Suidæ lexicon, græce & latine.... Contabrigiae: Typis Academicis.Google Scholar
Rees, A.
1819-1820The Cyclopædia, or, Universal dictionary of arts, sciences, and literature. London: Longman, etc.Google Scholar
Schleusner, Johann F.
1820Novus thesaurus philologico-criticus... Veteris Testamenti. Lipsiæ: In libraria Weidmannia.Google Scholar
Schwenck, K.
1834Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache in Beziehung auf Abstammung und Begriffsbildung. Frankfurt am Main: Johann D. Sauerländer. (2nd ed. 1837; 3rd ed 1838.)Google Scholar
Skinner, S.
1671Etymologicum Linguæ Anglicanæ.... Londini: Typis R. Roycroft.Google Scholar
Thomson, J.
1826Etymons of English Words. Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, London: Longman, etc.Google Scholar
Thorlacius, Skúli, Þórðarsson
1778Antiquitatum Borealium observationes miscellaneae. Hafniæ: Typis Sandero-Schröderianis.Google Scholar
Tragus, H.
. (= Jérôme [Hieronymus Bock]) 1630Kreüter Büch... Straßburg: W[ilhelm] C[hristian] G[laser].Google Scholar
Verstegan, R.
1653Restitution of Decayed Intelligence.... London: Printed by T. Newcomb for Joshua Kirton.Google Scholar
Vossius, Gerhard J.
1664Etymologicon lingvae latinae.... Lvgdvyni: Sumtibus Petri Gvillimin.Google Scholar
Wedgwood, H.
1844-1846. On Onomatopoeia. Proceedings of the Philological Society 2. 109–118.
Wright, T.
1839An essay on the state of literature and learning under the Anglo-Saxons.... London: C. Knight, et al.Google Scholar

II. The Works Mentioned in the Paper (an asterisk marks the title occurring in I, above)

1839[Review of] H. Fox Talbot, The Antiquity of the Book of Genesis, Illustrated by Some New Arguments. London: Longman and Co., 1839, and Hermes, Or Classical and Antiquarian Researches. London: Longman and Co., 1839. The Literary Gazette 657–59.Google Scholar
1847a[Review of] Talbot, H. Fox. 1847. The Literary Gazette 57–58, 87–89, 109–111.Google Scholar
1847b[Review of] Talbot, H. Fox. 1847. The Athenæum 693–695.Google Scholar
1847c[Review of] Talbot, H. Fox. 1847. The Critic 184–185.Google Scholar
1847d[Review of] Talbot, H. Fox. 1847. The Gentleman’s Magazine 1847/2. 283–285.Google Scholar
1847e[Review of] Talbot, H. Fox. 1847. The Examiner 213.Google Scholar
1847f[Review of] Talbot, H. Fox 1847. The Quarterly Review 81. 500–525.Google Scholar
Arnold, H.J.P.
1977William Henry Fox Talbot: Pioneer of photography and man of science. London: Hutchinson Benham.Google Scholar
Booth, A.H.
1964William Henry Fox Talbot: Father of photography. London: Arthur Barker Limited.Google Scholar
Considine, J.
2009Stephen Skinner’s Etymologicon and Other English etymological dictionaries 1650–1700. Studia Etymologica Cracovensia 14. 123–151.Google Scholar
Johnson, S..
Junius = Francisci Junii Francisci filii Etymologicum Anglicanum
(a posthumous ed. by Edward Lye). Oxonii: E Theatro Sheldoniano 1743.Google Scholar
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OED = The Oxford English Dictionary
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Skeat, Walter W.
1879-1882An etymological dictionary of the English language. Oxford: At the Clarendon Press. (4th ed. 1910.)Google Scholar
Skinner, Stephen.
Talbot, H. Fox
1838-39Hermes, or classical and antiquarian researches. London: Longman and Co.Google Scholar
1839The antiquity of the Book of Genesis: Illustrated by some new arguments. London: Longman, Orme, Green, Brown and Longman.Google Scholar
1847English etymologies. London: John Murray.Google Scholar
1848Mr. H. Fox Talbot and the Quarterly Review. The Literary Gazette 1–6.Google Scholar
TBP = William Henry Fox Talbot beyond photography
. (Studies in British Art 23). M. Brusius, K. Dean, and C. Ramalingam eds. New Haven, CT: The Yale Center for British Art, the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art 2013 Distributed by Yale University Press, New Haven & London.Google Scholar
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Todd = S. Johnson 1827A dictionary of the English language. 2nd ed., by H.J. Todd. London: Longman, etc.Google Scholar
Tooke, H.J.
1798-1805Epea Pteroenta, Or, The diversions of parley. London: Printed for the author at J. Johnson’s.Google Scholar
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1939Gedanken über das Indogermanenproblem. Acta Linguistica (Copenhagen) 1. 81–89.Google Scholar
Webster, N.
1828An American dictionary of the English language. New York: S. Converse. (Several reprints; the reviewer could not see the 1847 ed. by Chauncey A. Goodrich.)Google Scholar
Wedgwood, H.
1859-1865 A dictionary of English etymology. London: Trübner. (4th ed. 1888.)Google Scholar