Recontextualizing Context

Grammaticality meets appropriateness

| University of Lüneburg
ISBN 9789027253637 (Eur) | EUR 98.00
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ISBN 9789027295712 | EUR 98.00 | USD 147.00
In the humanities and social sciences, context is one of those terms which is frequently used and frequently referred to, but hardly made explicit.

This book proposes a model for describing the multifaceted connectedness between language and language use, and between cognitive context, linguistic context, social context and sociocultural context and their underlying principles of well-formedness, grammaticality, acceptability and appropriateness. Combining a range of theoretical frameworks in linguistics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis and philosophy of language, Fetzer goes beyond the unilateral conception of speech and argues for a dialogue outlook on natural-language communication based on dialogue principles and dialogue categories. The most important ones are cooperation, joint production, micro and macro communicative intentions, micro and macro validity claims, co-suppositions, dialogue-common ground and communicative genre.
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 121]  2004.  x, 272 pp.
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Grammaticality and context
3. Context and appropriateness
4. Conclusion: Sentence grammar and dialogue grammar revisited
5. References
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Recontextualizing Context: Grammaticality meets appropriateness by Anita Fetzer can be recommended both to readers interested in linguistics in general, and to readers with special interest in the areas of semantics, pragmatics, sociopragmatics, dialogue, and psycholinguistics. [...] It is a book that makes a deep analysis of essential concepts in linguistics apart from context and tackles topics that are central for the further development of linguistic theories, like for example what should be the unit of investigation.”
“This book by Anita Fetzer covers a large amount of research done on context, with special emphasis on grammatical and content-based issues. [...] It is a welcome addition to the current interest in context within pragmatics.”
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