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Legal Pragmatics
Edited by Dennis Kurzon and Barbara Kryk-Kastovsky
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series 288] 2018
► pp. 231256
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List of official documents

Code civil des français
Available at: [URL] (Accessed on 30 June, 2016).
The Constitution of Ireland
1999 Available at: [URL] (Accessed on June 19, 2016).
Constitution Review Group
1996Report of the Constitution Review Group. Available at: [URL] (Accessed on June 19, 2016).
Council Regulation (EC) No 2201/2003 of 27 November 2003 concerning jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in matrimonial matters and the matters of parental responsibility, repealing Regulation (EC) No 1347/2000
Available at: [URL] (Accessed on June 19, 2016).
European Convention on Human Rights
1950 Available at: [URL] (Accessed on June 23, 2016).
Execution Act
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
1966 Available at: [URL] (Accessed on June 23, 2016).
Regulation No 1/58 EEC Council: Regulation No 1 determining the languages to be used by the European Economic Community
Available at: [URL]
Regulation No 802/68 of the Council of 27 June 1968 on the common definition of the concept of the origin of goods
Available at: [URL] (Accessed on June 19, 2016).

List of cases

Bestuur der Sociale Verzkeringsbank v J.H. van der Vecht
(19–67 1996, ECR 345)Google Scholar
Case 100/84 Commission v the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Available at: [URL] (Accessed on June 19, 2016).
Cour de cassation, Assemblée plénière, Audience publique du vendredi 29 juin 2001, N° de pourvoi: 99–85973, Publié au bulletin Rejet
Available at: [URL] (Accessed June 19, 2016).
Defrenne v SA Belge de Navigation Aérienne (SABENA)
(43/75 1976, ECR 455)Google Scholar
Evans v United Kingdom
GC no. 6339/05§ ECHR 2007–3.Google Scholar
2001:100.Google Scholar
Régina v Pierre Boucherau
C 30–77 1977, ECR 1999.Google Scholar
Roche v Roche and ors
[2009] IESC 82 Supreme Court Record Number: 469/06 and 59/07.Google Scholar
VO v France GC no 53924/00
ECHR 2004–VIII.Google Scholar
Wood v Capita Insurance Services Limited
[2017] UKSC 24 [URL] comments at >[URL] (Accessed September 25, 2017)