Gerald Nelson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gerald Nelson plays a role.


Subjects Corpus linguistics | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics


Nelson, Gerald 2015 Response to Davies and FuchsEnglish World-Wide 36:1, pp. 38–40 | Commentary
Commentary to: Davies, Mark, and Robert Fuchs. 2015. "Expanding horizons in the study of World Englishes with the 1.9 billion word Global Web-based English Corpus (GloWbE)". English World-Wide 36:1–28 (This issue). DOI:10.1075/eww.36.1.01dav read more
Nelson, Gerald and Ren Hongtao 2012 Particle verbs in African Englishes: Nativization and innovationMapping Unity and Diversity World-Wide: Corpus-Based Studies of New Englishes, Hundt, Marianne and Ulrike Gut (eds.), pp. 197–214 | Article
On the basis of various Internet sources, we investigate the use of particle verbs (PVs) in Ugandan and other African Englishes. Following Biber et al. (1999) we classify PVs into four major types; their distribution is very similar to that reported for native varieties. We find a number of… read more
This paper focuses on connector usage in the writing of university students in Hong Kong and in Great Britain, and presents results based on the comparison of data from the Hong Kong component (ICE-HK) and the British component (ICE-GB) of the International Corpus of English (ICE). While previous… read more
Greenbaum, Sidney and Gerald Nelson 1999 Elliptical clauses in spoken and written EnglishThe Clause in English: In honour of Rodney Huddleston, Collins, Peter and David Lee (eds.), pp. 111 ff. | Article
Greenbaum, Sidney and Gerald Nelson 1995 Clause relationships in spoken and written EnglishFunctions of Language 2:1, pp. 1–21 | Article
There are opposing views on whether speech or writing is more complex syntactically. We investigated the complexity of clause relationships in a range of spoken and written text categories: spontaneous conversations, broadcast discussions, unscripted monologues, personal handwritten letters,… read more