J.V. Neustupny

List of John Benjamins publications for which J.V. Neustupny plays a role.


Neustupny, J.V. 2012. Theory and practice in language management. Language Management Approach: Probing the Concept of "Noting", Marriott, Helen and Jiří Nekvapil (eds.), pp. 295–301
This paper addresses the distinction between theory and practice networks and the ways in which theory can be made more useful for language management practitioners. With regard to the dissemination of knowledge of language management theories, one should not forget that many of these theories… read more | Article
Neustupny, J.V. 2004. A theory of contact situations and the study of academic interaction. Academic Interaction, Marriott, Helen (ed.), pp. 3–31
The concept of academic competence must be viewed within the context of globalization. The intensification of cultural contact in the current historical period has contributed greatly to the recognition and evaluation of variation in academic systems and to subsequent strategies of adjustment.… read more | Article
Neustupny, J.V. 1999. Sociolinguistics and the Prague School. Prague Linguistic Circle Papers: Travaux du cercle linguistique de Prague nouvelle série, Hajičová, Eva, Tomáš Hoskovec, Oldřich Leška †, Petr Sgall and Zdena Skoumalová (eds.), pp. 275–286
Jernudd, Björn H. and J.V. Neustupny. 1991. Multi-Disciplined Language Planning. Focus on Language Planning: Essays in honor of Joshua A. Fishman, Marshall, David F. (ed.), pp. 29 ff.