Michael Gradoville

List of John Benjamins publications for which Michael Gradoville plays a role.


Gradoville, Michael, Mark Waltermire, Audrey Chery, Sofía Fernandez and Avizia Y. Long 2023 Intervocalic /ɡ/ realization in Border Uruguayan SpanishSpanish in Context 20:3, pp. 490–512 | Article
In Border Uruguayan Spanish, intervocalic voiced obstruents have been known to be produced as stops due to the variety’s contact with Portuguese. The present study investigates intervocalic /ɡ/ in a corpus of sociolinguistic interviews. Using an acoustic measure, a consonant-vowel intensity… read more
This study explores the origins of Brazilian Portuguese para ‘to, for’ form variation using sociophonetic analytic techniques to test various properties of the unreduced para variant. While the pra variant was suggested to have originated from an intertonic syncope process, the finding in this… read more
Along the Uruguayan-Brazilian border, Spanish exhibits phonological influence from Portuguese, including the realization of intervocalic /d/ as a stop. Using conversational data from 40 bilinguals, we analyze tokens of intervocalic /d/ acoustically using a consonant-vowel intensity ratio… read more
Fafulas, Stephen, Manuel Díaz-Campos and Michael Gradoville 2018 Chapter 10. Stable variation or change in progress? A sociolinguistic analysis of pa(ra) in the Spanish of VenezuelaLanguage Variation and Contact-Induced Change: Spanish across space and time, King, Jeremy and Sandro Sessarego (eds.), pp. 223–245 | Chapter
Sociolinguistic analyses of pa(ra) “for” have found that both linguistic and social factors play a significant role in speaker use of the reduced (pa’) and full (para) forms (e.g., Bentivoglio et al. 2005). However, no study to date has analyzed the extent to which production of these forms is most… read more