Irina Nikolaeva

List of John Benjamins publications for which Irina Nikolaeva plays a role.



Bárány, András and Irina Nikolaeva 2020 Possessive and non-identity relations in Turkic switch-referenceStudies in Language 44:3, pp. 606–658 | Article
This paper provides an overview of non-canonical patterns of switch-reference involving the converb in -(V)p in selected Turkic languages. This converb is usually described as a same-subject converb, but we show that it can conform to McKenzie’s (2012) extended definition of “same-subject” as… read more
Matić, Dejan and Irina Nikolaeva 2018 From polarity focus to salient polarity: From things to processesThe Grammatical Realization of Polarity Contrast: Theoretical, empirical, and typological approaches, Dimroth, Christine and Stefan Sudhoff (eds.), pp. 9–54 | Chapter
The paper provides arguments against the denotational approach to polarity focus (also known as Verum), which treats it as a distinct denotation contributed by the dedicated grammatical structures. It shows that the purported category of polarity focus is routinely defined on the basis of faulty… read more
Tundra Nenets (Uralic) exhibits unambiguous relative clauses and sentential complements of nouns, but I show that it also has a previously unstudied but structurally distinct GNMCC. The GNMCC covers a diversity of functions although its usage is restricted in various ways. The paper suggests that… read more
Nikolaeva, Irina 2014 Chapter 5. The Narrative Infinitive Construction in French and LatinRomance Perspectives on Construction Grammar, Boas, Hans C. and Francisco Gonzálvez-García (eds.), pp. 139–179 | Article
This chapter offers a Sign-Based Construction Grammar analysis of the French and Latin Narrative Infinitives, that is, syntactically independent infinitival structures that express assertions. The main claim is that these languages exhibit two types of fully formed infinitival words (feature… read more
Nikolaeva, Irina 2007 23. Reciprocal constructions in UdeheReciprocal Constructions, Nedjalkov, Vladimir P. (ed.), pp. 933–967 | Chapter
Northern Ostyak (Uralic) has optional object agreement. This paper analyzes the grammatical behavior of objects that trigger agreement and objects that do not, and demonstrates that while the former participate in certain syntactic processes, the latter are syntactically inert. The asymmetry cannot… read more