William O’Grady

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Subjects Altaic languages | Theoretical linguistics


O’Grady, William, Raina Heaton and Sharon Bulalang 2023 The Roots of EndangermentEpistemological issue: The dynamics of bilingualism in language shift ecologies, Flores, Cristina and Neal Snape (eds.), pp. 83–87 | Commentary
O’Grady, William 2022 Chapter 8. A calculus for L1 transferSecond Language Acquisition Theory: The legacy of Professor Michael H. Long, Benati, Alessandro G. and John W. Schwieter (eds.), pp. 143–176 | Chapter
The phenomenon of transfer plays a prominent role, either explicitly or implicitly, in most approaches to SLA, including Focus on Form and the Interaction Hypothesis – to name two lines of inquiry that lay at the heart of Mike Long’s scholarship. The central thesis of this chapter is that… read more
Kim, Kitaek, William O’Grady and Bonnie D. Schwartz 2018 Case in Heritage KoreanLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 8:2, pp. 252–282 | Article
In a series of five experiments with 31 Korean heritage children, we show that knowledge of case and the ability to use it must be evaluated with careful attention to multiple factors that can influence access to morphological information in the course of comprehension and production. The first… read more
Kim, Chae Eun, William O’Grady and Kamil Deen 2014 The extrinsic plural marker in Korean: Five studiesKorean Linguistics 16:1, pp. 1–17 | Article
This paper presents a series of experiments designed to shed light on some aspects of the use and interpretation of so-called ‘extrinsic -tul’ by child and adult native speakers of Korean. Our findings indicate that this morpheme occurs far less frequently than the intrinsic plural marker in both… read more
This chapter offers an emergentist perspective on the typology, processing, and acquisition of relative clauses. I begin by outlining the key tenets of an emergentist approach to language, and then offer a proposal for how the two major types of relative clause patterns found in the world’s… read more
Anderson, Victoria, Insung Ko, William O’Grady and Miho Choo 2004 A Palatographic Investigation of Place of Articulation in Korean Coronal ObstruentsKorean Linguistics 12, pp. 1–24 | Article
Abstract. This study uses static palatography to determine articulatory positions for coronal obstruents, for five native speakers of Seoul Korean in their twenties. For four of the speakers, affricates are consistently articulated slightly further back on the teeth than stops. However, stops,… read more
O’Grady, William 2003 Professor Stanley Starosta (1939–2002)Functions of Language 10:1, pp. 105–107 | Miscellaneous
O’Grady, William 2002 Korean Case: Extending the Computational ApproachKorean Linguistics 11, pp. 29–51 | Article
O’Grady, William 1999 Gapping and Coordination in Second Language AcquisitionThe Acquisition of Japanese as a Second Language, Kanno, Kazue (ed.), pp. 141 ff. | Article
O’Grady, William 1980 Foundations of a Theory of CaseStudies in Language 4:2, pp. 229–248 | Article
The category of case provides a characterization of inter-word relations based on a tripartite categorization of word-types. Individual case systems result from the interaction of a core of four basic inter-word relations with a number of other autonomous grammatical and semantic systems. Data from… read more