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Localization in Healthcare and Medical Settings in the Advent of COVID-19

Edited by Minako O'Hagan and Julie McDonough Dolmaya

Special issue of The Journal of Internationalization and Localization 8:2 (2021) v, 90 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Language policy | Translation Studies

Localization around the globe

Edited by Minako O'Hagan and Julie McDonough Dolmaya

Special issue of The Journal of Internationalization and Localization 7:1/2 (2020) v, 137 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Language policy | Translation Studies
Subjects Translation Studies


Vieira, Lucas Nunes, Carol O'Sullivan, Xiaochun Zhang and Minako O'Hagan 2023 Privacy and everyday users of machine translationTranslation Spaces 12:1, pp. 21–44 | Article
The concept of privacy is central to technology use, but in machine translation (MT) research the meaning of privacy, and what it represents to everyday MT users, are both often left unquestioned. This article examines user conceptualisations of privacy and their implications for the… read more
To contribute towards extending the scope of research on indirect translation, this article focuses on game localization as an overlooked site where this translation practice is relatively common. For major games developed in a language other than English (LOTE), the English version (locale) is… read more
O'Hagan, Minako and Julie McDonough Dolmaya 2021 IntroductionLocalization in Healthcare and Medical Settings in the Advent of COVID-19, O'Hagan, Minako and Julie McDonough Dolmaya (eds.), pp. 81–88 | Introduction
The use of captions has grown in recent years in both traditional and new media, particularly in terms of the diversity of style, content, and function. Impact captions have emerged as a popular form of captions for hearing viewers and contain rich multimodal information which is employed to… read more
Sasamoto, Ryoko and Minako O'Hagan 2020 Chapter 7. Relevance, style and multimodality: Typographical features as stylistic devicesRelevance Theory, Figuration, and Continuity in Pragmatics, Piskorska, Agnieszka (ed.), pp. 193–226 | Chapter
Brightly coloured textual inserts, which often occupy a sizable part of the TV screen, have become a key feature in Japanese TV. This paper unpacks the contribution of such multimodal stimuli to inference, and the consequences this has for the interpretation process. Using data derived from a… read more
O'Hagan, Minako, Julie McDonough Dolmaya and Hendrik J. Kockaert 2019 Pandemic, localization and change of guard: Pandemic, localization and change of guardThe Journal of Internationalization and Localization 6:2, pp. 69–85 | Introduction
O'Hagan, Minako and Marian Flanagan 2018 Gamer emotions in laughter: Towards affect-oriented game localisationTranslation, Cognition & Behavior 1:2, pp. 299–318 | Article
This study is motivated by the assumption that today’s function-oriented game localisation approach has room for improvement by incorporating an affect-oriented approach. It draws on the concept of “affective framing” in a game with humour as “emotionally competent stimuli”. Laughter as emotion… read more
O'Hagan, Minako 2017 Seeking delocalization: Fan community and game localization in the age of user empowermentGame Localisation, Zhang, Xiaochun and Samuel Strong (eds.), pp. 183–202 | Article
The continuing development of the Internet and broader technologization have made the presence of game fans and the diverse fan community highly visible, shaping part of contemporary global game culture. The influences of such user empowerment have been debated, notably along the lines of the… read more
O'Hagan, Minako and Heather Chandler 2016 Game localization research and translation studies: Loss and gain under an interdisciplinary lensBorder Crossings: Translation Studies and other disciplines, Gambier, Yves and Luc van Doorslaer (eds.), pp. 309–330 | Article
Game localization has been largely ignored in game studies and constitutes a relatively new area of research in translation studies. It is a specialized translation practice requiring technical, cultural and business considerations specific to games with multiple stakeholders involved. Addressing a… read more
O'Hagan, Minako 2012 Translation as the new game in the digital eraTranslation Spaces 1, pp. 123–141 | Article
Aimed at promoting a broader interdisciplinary discussion, this paper explores translation and entertainment in the context of current and emerging technological trends from a perspective beyond strictly Translation Studies concerns. Taking the case of video games as a rapidly growing modern… read more
Most conspicuous initially with Japanese anime fansubs, fan-based translation has been developing since the 1980s. In the advent of widespread availability of Web 2.0 platforms, fan translation has become a global phenomenon despite its dubious legal status. Extending the emerging interest in… read more