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Heritage Languages: A language contact approach

Suzanne Aalberse, Ad Backus and Pieter Muysken

[Studies in Bilingualism, 58] 2019. xix, 302 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Contact Linguistics | Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Codeswitching in the Turkish migration settings in Western Europe has been studied almost since the beginning of the labor migration that formed these communities. The patterns of codeswitching have gradually become more complex, which is demonstrated with reference to data from the Netherlands.… read more | Article
Cross-linguistic influence (CLI) is one of the key phenomena in bilingual and second language learning. We propose a method for quantifying CLI in the use of linguistic constructions with the help of a computational model, which acquires constructions in two languages from bilingual input. We focus… read more | Article
Language development in bilingual children is often related to differing levels of proficiency. Objective measurements of bilingual development include for example mean length of utterance (MLU). MLU is almost always calculated for each language context (including both monolingual and code-mixed… read more | Article
Code-switching comes in three major sub-types: insertion, alternation, and congruent lexicalization. Turkish-Dutch code-switching is supposed to feature the first two types but not the third, because when the languages in contact are typologically distinct, there is not enough shared lexicon and… read more | Article
This article is about the type of language that is offered to learners in textbooks, using the example of Russian. Many modern textbooks of Russian as a foreign language aim at efficient development of oral communication skills. However, some expressions used in the textbooks are not typical for… read more | Article
Dutch has a number of constructions for expressing that a particular event is likely or possible. Two of these, one using a derivational morpheme and the other a copula construction, are investigated to see whether they are both productive and to what degree their meanings overlap. Their… read more | Article
Doğruöz, A. Seza and Ad Backus. 2010. Turkish in the Netherlands: Development of a new variety?. Language Contact: New perspectives, Norde, Muriel, Bob de Jonge and Cornelius Hasselblatt (eds.), pp. 87–102
This paper is about Dutch influence on the variety of Turkish spoken by immigrants in the Netherlands. The community is under constant pressure to shift to Dutch, but maintenance figures are nevertheless very high. The result is a contact situation in which the entire community is bilingual;… read more | Article
While for a long time words and grammatical rules were regarded as the basic units in language, it has become increasingly clear that we have a much more varied set of units at our disposal, including multiword chunks. How such chunks are represented, which factors contribute to their entrenchment… read more | Article
Backus, Ad. 2009. 12. Codeswitching as one piece of the puzzle of language change: The case of Turkish yapmak. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Code Switching, Isurin, Ludmila, Donald Winford and Kees de Bot (eds.), pp. 307–336
Backus, Ad, Erica Huls en Guust Meijers. 1997. Voorwoord. Interculturele communicatie, pp. 5–8
New data on Turkish-Dutch codeswitching (CS) have uncovered patterns not previously attested in this language pair. It turns out that three different generations within the immigrant community switch in three different ways. For the first generation, CS mostly concerns the occasional insertion of… read more | Article