Joseph Collentine

List of John Benjamins publications for which Joseph Collentine plays a role.



Virtual Environments (VE) can mimic the myriad dimensions that native speakers take into account in authentic social interactions and are one of the instructional conditions (e.g., methodological approaches, learning affordances) that can be used to promote pragmatic competence. The present… read more
Collentine, Joseph and Karina Collentine 2020 Chapter 2. Organic models for measuring Spanish learners’ linguistic complexityCurrent Theoretical and Applied Perspectives on Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, Pascual y Cabo, Diego and Idoia Elola (eds.), pp. 39–62 | Chapter
Second language acquisition (SLA) researchers measure linguistic complexity to assess pedagogical effectiveness and depict development (Norris & Ortega, 2009). Yet, from linguistic and cognitive perspectives, commonly used approaches oversimplify complexity. Furthermore, such approaches do not… read more
Collentine, Joseph and Karina Collentine 2020 Insights into the cognition of mood selection in L2 learners of SpanishHispanic Linguistics: Current issues and new directions, Morales-Front, Alfonso, Michael J. Ferreira, Ronald P. Leow and Cristina Sanz (eds.), pp. 33–52 | Chapter
DeKeyser (2007a) submits that second-language acquisition research must identify the ideal task-design features for automatizing grammatical abilities in practice. We therefore report the results of a study that used meaningful computer assisted language learning (CALL) practice to promote… read more
Collentine, Karina and Joseph Collentine 2020 Chapter 3. A corpus analysis of the structural elaboration of Spanish heritage language learnersVariation and Evolution: Aspects of language contact and contrast across the Spanish-speaking world, Sessarego, Sandro, Juan J. Colomina-Almiñana and Adrián Rodríguez-Riccelli (eds.), pp. 55–74 | Chapter
Research on heritage language learner (HLL) grammar provides insights into bilingual developmental trajectories (Bolger & Zapata, 2011). More research is needed on the effects of cognitive processes on HLL grammar under real-time communicative pressures (Jegerski, 2017). The present corpus-based… read more
Collentine, Joseph and Karina Collentine 2013 9. A corpus approach to studying structural convergence in task-based Spanish L2 interactionsSecond Language Interaction in Diverse Educational Contexts, McDonough, Kim and Alison Mackey (eds.), pp. 167–188 | Chapter
Having established that interaction positively affects acquisition, research is expanding the theoretical frameworks and methodological tools with which it studies how interactional processes promote L2 development. This chapter uses corpus-linguistic tools to study Spanish L2 learners’ interaction… read more