Amel Kallel

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The purpose of this paper is to provide quantitative substantiation for the role of bridging context in grammatical change. Bridging contexts are assumed to be environments compatible with the new function that an item is acquiring. The evolving item would therefore be predicted to occur in… read more | Article
Ingham, Richard P. and Amel Kallel. 2014. Evidence from a correspondence corpus for diachronic change in French indefinites 1450–1715. The Diachrony of Negation, Mosegaard Hansen, Maj-Britt and Jacqueline Visconti (eds.), pp. 213–234
In this study the changing distribution of French indefinite forms in different clause types is studied diachronically using a corpus of personal letters written between the Middle French and Classical French periods. The data is interpreted using Haspelmath’s 1997 semantic map of indefinites, and… read more | Article