Gary Barkhuizen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gary Barkhuizen plays a role.



In order for language teachers to meet the challenges of autonomy, we claim it is essential that they know what they believe about teaching and learning. Language teacher education programmes, therefore, should create opportunities for participants to examine and develop their personal theories of… read more
This article reports on a study which investigated the language lives of Afrikaans-speaking South African immigrants in New Zealand. Particularly, it focuses on their awareness of and attitudes to language policy in both South Africa and New Zealand, and how these influence their own and their… read more
de Klerk, Vivian and Gary Barkhuizen 1998 English in the South African Defence Force: A Case Study of 6SAIEnglish World-Wide 19:1, pp. 33–60 | Article
The article reports on research carried out at an army camp in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa in 1996; it aimed to examine language use at the camp across all levels and in all contexts, in order to assess the degree to which South Africa's new multilingual language policy of 1994 has… read more
de Klerk, Vivian and Gary Barkhuizen 1998 Language Policy in the SANDF: A Case for Biting the Bullet?Language Problems and Language Planning 22:3, pp. 215–236 | Article
OORSIG Taalbeleid in die Suid Afrikaanse Nasionale Weermag: 'n geval van die bul by die horings pak? In 1994 is 'n nuwe nasionale taalbeleid gepromulgeer, en in plaas van die vorige twee offisiële tale, Engels en Afrikaans, is 11 offisiële tale amptelik verklaar. Voorgangers van die finale Grondwet… read more