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Subjects Sociolinguistics and Dialectology
Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | History of linguistics | Syntax
Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | History of linguistics | Medieval linguistics | Syntax


Owens, Jonathan 2018 Why linguistics needs an historically oriented Arabic linguisticsArabic in Contact, Manfredi, Stefano and Mauro Tosco (eds.), pp. 207–232 | Chapter
One of the more recent, and certainly one of the most empirically well-founded accounts of language change is Labov’s (2007) division between transmission and diffusion. The former results in gradual change via incrementation, the latter in larger and irregular change. This study examines the… read more
Owens, Jonathan 2014 The morphologization of an Arabic creoleArabic-based Pidgins and Creoles, Manfredi, Stefano and Mauro Tosco (eds.), pp. 232–298 | Article
East African Nubi has classic attributes of a creole — it was formed in a short period of time and its structure diverges dramatically from its lexical source, Egyptian and Sudanic Arabic — yet it differs from most creoles as well in that it has a fairly robust morphology (Owens 2001). One could… read more
Owens, Jonathan and Trent Rockwood 2008 Yaʕni: What it (really) meansPerspectives on Arabic Linguistics: Papers from the annual symposium on Arabic linguistics, Parkinson, Dilworth B. (ed.), pp. 83–113 | Article
Arabic dialects, the native spoken Arabic of about 250 million people, are spread over an immense, contiguous geographical area from Iran to Lake Chad, from Morocco to Yemen. Corresponding to this geographical spread is considerable linguistic diversity. An explanation for this diversity has… read more
Owens, Jonathan 1997 Arabic-based Pidginsand CreolesContact Languages: A wider perspective, Thomason, Sarah G. (ed.), pp. 125–172 | Article
Owens, Jonathan 1996 Idiomatic Structure and the Theory of Genetic RelationshipDiachronica 13:2, pp. 283–318 | Article
SUMMARY It has been an assumption of many practitioners of comparative linguistics that genetic relations are defined between languages as holistic entities. A recent explicit expression of this position is Thomason &Kaufman (1988). An alternative viewpoint, probably a minority position, is that… read more
Owens, Jonathan 1990 East African Nubi: Bioprogram Vs InheritanceDiachronica 7:2, pp. 217–250 | Article
SUMMARY A central question in Creole studies has been to ascertain to what degree the structure of creole languages is determined by universal processes, as opposed to inheritance from super/substratal sources. The universalist position has been most strongly advocated by Derek Bickerton, who sees… read more