Laura Catharine Smith

List of John Benjamins publications for which Laura Catharine Smith plays a role.


Smith, Laura Catharine 2012 Old Frisian: Renewed interest in an ‘old’ Germanic languageDiachronica 29:1, pp. 98–115 | Article
For a century, Old Frisian has largely remained in the shadows of its Germanic sister languages. While dictionaries, concordances, and grammars have been readily and widely available for learning and researching other Germanic languages such as Middle High German, Middle Low German and Middle… read more
In Dutch, the diminutive stem’s prosodic shape determines whether or not schwa follows base nouns ending in sonorants: schwa after light stems (ball-e-tje ‘little ball’) but no schwa after heavy stems (laan-tje ‘little lane’) or disyllables (bakker-tje ‘little baker’). Schwa lengthens light stems… read more
Smith, Laura Catharine and Joseph C. Salmons 2008 Historical Phonology and Evolutionary PhonologyDiachronica 25:3, pp. 411–430 | Review article