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Interfaces in Grammar

Edited by Jianhua Hu and Haihua Pan

[Language Faculty and Beyond, 15] 2019. vi, 371 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


The paper presents empirical evidence for six reconstruction effects in Mandarin Chinese. It includes data concerning the copula verb, epistemic modals, scope of aspectual sentence-final particle –le over indefinite wh-phrases, downward entailing quantifiers, predicates of creation, Binding… read more
This paper addresses the development of the Chinese V de O cleft construction, and how the cleft constructional network was developed in the history of Chinese. It is argued that V de O clefts emerged in the 13th century which was about 300 years later than VP de clefts. A key factor in their… read more
In this paper we comment on the maximality approach to Mandarin Chinese dou initiated by Giannakidou & Cheng (2006) and modified by Xiang (2008), showing that the approach fails (1) to explain several linguistic phenomena (e.g. the interaction between na ‘which’-phrases and dou, the distributive… read more
This paper makes remarks on the syntactic status of Gapless Relative Clauses (GRCs) in Mandarin Chinese and shows that the arguments for their complement status are not supported by the facts in Mandarin Chinese, as almost all the arguments for the complement clause analysis of GRCs, as presented… read more
Hu, Jianhua and Haihua Pan 2019 Chapter 1. IntroductionInterfaces in Grammar, Hu, Jianhua and Haihua Pan (eds.), pp. 1–8 | Chapter
Pan, Haihua 2019 Chapter 10. Null object constructions, VP-ellipsis, and sentence interpretationInterfaces in Grammar, Hu, Jianhua and Haihua Pan (eds.), pp. 283–300 | Chapter
This paper discusses issues related to VP-Ellipsis and null object constructions in Mandarin Chinese. It consists of two parts. First, pace Li (1998) and Xu (2003), but in line with Huang (1988a, b, 1991), the paper argues that it is not true that no null object construction (NOC) sentences can… read more
漢語「主語指向型」動補結構一直被學界看作是動補結構的「例外」。本文著重研究了這類動補結構的句法語義特點,利用多種句法手段證明「主語指向型」動補結構內部存在差異,即有些並不屬於動補結構,有些表面上看似「主語指向」的動補結構其實是基礎動補結構的衍生結構,在底層結構中這類補語仍是指向賓語。這一分析不僅維持了關於動補結構的統一分析理論(如 DOR 理論),而且為現代漢語的動補結構提供了跨語言的分析視角。 read more
本文從焦點–重音匹配的角度來探討漢語日常口語中「把」字句謂語部分的複雜性。本文認為,與一般 [PP V] 結構不同,「把」字句是為了在句子層面上把位於「把」NP 後的謂語部分處理為資訊焦點而產生的一種特殊句式,而實現為資訊焦點的必要條件就是必須得到句法結構提供的核心重音。由於「把」字句中「把」後 NP 是謂語動詞的論元,其後的謂語部分只有在句法上形成分支結構才能夠得到核心重音,僅僅在韻律上形成分支結構是不夠的,因此光杆動詞和不形成句法分支的雙音節動詞都被排除在「把」字句之外。這個觀點也適用於其他動詞在尾的結構,例如被動句和「連…都」結構等。 read more
Cheng and Huang (1996) argue that both unselective binding and E-type pronoun strategies are necessary for the interpretation of natural language sentences and claim that there exists a correspondence between two sentence types in Chinese and the two strategies, namely that the interpretation of… read more
Wuyun, Saina and Haihua Pan 2014 The inter-sentential function of Mandarin bei passivesChinese Language and Discourse 5:2, pp. 252–280 | Article
Although the intra-sentential functions of the Mandarin bei passive construction have been well studied, its inter-sentential function has not been well understood yet. In this paper, from a Centering Theory perspective, we demonstrate that the bei passive also bears inter-sentential weights.… read more
Kit, Chunyu, Jonathan J. Webster, King-Kui Sin, Haihua Pan and Heng Li 2004 Clause alignment for Hong Kong legal texts: A lexical-based approachInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 9:1, pp. 29–51 | Article
In this paper we report on our recent work in clause alignment for English-Chinese bilingual legal texts using available lexical resources including a bilingual legal glossary and a bilingual dictionary, for the purpose of acquiring examples at various linguistic levels for example-based machine… read more