Anastasia G. Stamou

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anastasia G. Stamou plays a role.


In the present study, we explore the discursive construction of German language learning identities on the Goethe Institute website. With this aim, we depart from critical sociolinguistic approaches to multilingualism and draw on an analytical framework which views discourse as a lens through which… read more | Article
This article examines the ways in which the sociolinguistic construction of youthful identities is represented in two popular Greek comedy family sitcoms, considering that youth language has gained a prominent position in TV fictional discourse, being used by characters of all ages. Drawing upon a… read more | Chapter
This paper aims to explore cinematic representations of the military in peacetime, and more importantly, from a socio-cultural setting in which mandatory military service is highly devalued. Focusing on three Greek popular comedy films, we examined humorous depictions of the military. By adopting… read more | Article