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Representing Wine – Sensory Perceptions, Communication and Cultures

Rosario Caballero, Ernesto Suárez-Toste and Carita Paradis

Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Psycholinguistics | Semantics | Semiotics

Sensory Perceptions in Language and Cognition

Edited by Rosario Caballero and Carita Paradis

Special issue of Functions of Language 22:1 (2015) v, 159 pp.
Subjects Functional linguistics | Pragmatics | Theoretical linguistics

Evidentiality in language and cognition

Edited by Lena Ekberg and Carita Paradis

Special issue of Functions of Language 16:1 (2009) 172 pp.
Subjects Functional linguistics | Pragmatics | Theoretical linguistics


Paradis, Carita and Charlotte Hommerberg. 2016. Chapter 9. We drink with our eyes first: The web of sensory perceptions, aesthetic experiences and mixed imagery in wine reviews. Mixing Metaphor, Gibbs, Jr., Raymond W. (ed.), pp. 177–202
This chapter analyzes the language resources that writers have at their disposal to describe their experience of the web of sensory perceptions that are evoked in the wine tasting practice. The task of the writer is to provide a mental understanding of the sensations as well as a prehension of the… read more | Article
Caballero, Rosario and Carita Paradis. 2015. Making sense of sensory perceptions across languages and cultures. Sensory Perceptions in Language and Cognition, Caballero, Rosario and Carita Paradis (eds.), pp. 1–19
This article has two aims: (i) to give an overview of research on sensory perceptions in different disciplines with different aims, and on the basis of that (ii) to encourage new research based on a balanced socio-sensory-cognitive approach. It emphasizes the need to study sensory meanings in human… read more | Article
This article investigates the self-presentation and the construction of immigration discourses in articles and policy documents published by the British National Party (BNP) and the UK Independence Party (UKIP). By combining corpus analysis with the Discourse-Historical Approach to Critical… read more | Article
Paradis, Carita. 2011. Metonymization: A key mechanism in semantic change. Defining Metonymy in Cognitive Linguistics: Towards a consensus view, Benczes, Réka, Antonio Barcelona and Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez (eds.), pp. 61–88
Despite a sizable functional literature on variation and change, very little attention has been given to the diachronic mechanisms of meaning shifts and change covering the whole continuum from contentful to configurational meanings. This chapter is an attempt to begin filling this gap. It proposes… read more | Article
Paradis, Carita and Caroline Willners. 2011. Antonymy: From convention to meaning-making. Review of Cognitive Linguistics 9:2, pp. 367–391
This article offers a Cognitive Semantic approach to antonymy in language and thought. Based on a series of recent empirical investigations using different observational techniques, we analyze (i) the nature of the category of antonymy, and (ii) the status of its members in terms of goodness of… read more | Article
This is an investigation of ‘goodness of antonym pairings’ in Swedish, which seeks answers to why speakers judge antonyms such as bra-dålig ‘good-bad’ and lång-kort ‘long-short’ to be better antonyms than, say, dunkel-tydlig ‘obscure-clear’ and rask-långsam ‘speedy-slow’. The investigation has two… read more | Article
Ekberg, Lena and Carita Paradis. 2009. Editorial: Evidentiality in language and cognition. Evidentiality in language and cognition, Ekberg, Lena and Carita Paradis (eds.), pp. 5–7
The goal of this paper is to combine corpus methodology with experimental methods to gain insights into the nature of antonymy as a lexico-semantic relation and the degree of antonymic canonicity of word pairs in language and in memory. Two approaches to antonymy in language are contrasted, the… read more | Article
Paradis, Carita. 2003. Is the notion of linguistic competence relevant in Cognitive Linguistics?. Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics: Volume 1, Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez, Francisco José (ed.), pp. 207–231