Peter L. Patrick

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Patrick, Peter L. 2017. Number marking in Jamaican Patwa. Language Contact in Africa and the African Diaspora in the Americas: In honor of John V. Singler, Cutler, Cecelia, Zvjezdana Vrzić and Philipp Angermeyer (eds.), pp. 275–304
Variation is examined in marking of number on plural nouns in mesolectal Jamaican Patwa (JP). Earlier claims for grammatical/functional principles constraining variation are found wanting. Two corpora are analyzed. I provide a taxonomy of surface structures which map reliably onto the level of… read more | Chapter
Patrick, Peter L. 1996. The urbanization of creole phonology: variation and change in Jamaican (KYA). Towards a Social Science of Language: Papers in honor of William Labov, Guy, Gregory R., Crawford Feagin, Deborah Schiffrin and John Baugh (eds.), pp. 329 ff.