Charles M. Mueller

List of John Benjamins publications for which Charles M. Mueller plays a role.


Mueller, Charles M., Peter Richardson and Stephen Pihlaja 2023 A mental spaces analysis of religious identity discourseReview of Cognitive Linguistics: Online-First Articles | Article
Religious identity is often viewed as a relatively stable construct, reflecting an individual’s personal worldview. However, individuals living within modern multi-cultural societies often must engage in extensive reflection to orient themselves to faith traditions in ways that are coherent and… read more
Mueller, Charles M. and Peter Richardson 2022 Talking about oneself: Effects of personalized prompts on L2 learners’ speechJournal of Second Language Studies 5:2, pp. 344–363 | Article
Second language instructors often have students talk about their own experiences rather than abstract impersonal topics. Intuitively, such topics seem more likely to encourage student engagement. Unfortunately, virtually no empirical research has examined the effects of personal prompts on… read more
Recent studies of metaphor usage (e.g., Cameron, 2011; Semino et al., 2013) have shifted focus from relatively static mappings between source and target domains towards an emphasis on how metaphors are appropriated and recontextualized across different genres to convey new meanings and serve new… read more
Tyler, Andrea E., Charles M. Mueller and Vu Ho 2010 Applying cognitive linguistics to instructed L2 learning: The English modalsApplied Cognitive Linguistics in Second Language Learning and Teaching, Littlemore, Jeannette and Constanze Juchem-Grundmann (eds.), pp. 30–49 | Article
This paper reports the results of a quasi-experimental effects-of-instruction study examining the efficacy of applying a Cognitive Linguistic (CL) approach to L2 learning of the semantics of English modals. In spite of their frequency in typical input, modal verbs present L2 learners with… read more
Mueller, Jeansue and Charles M. Mueller 2009 Style Shift in Korean Teledramas: A case for the careful consideration of speech style in translationFORUM 7:2, pp. 215–246 | Article
La pragmatique de la communication interpersonnelle a été sous représentée dans le domaine de la recherche en traduction audiovisuelle (Mason, 1989). Cette lacune en recherche est regrettable si l'on considère des langues telles que le coréen, dans lesquelles les notions telles que la familiarité… read more