Alain Peyraube

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alain Peyraube plays a role.



Peyraube, Alain 2006 Motion events in Chinese: A diachronic study of directional complementsSpace in Languages: Linguistic Systems and Cognitive Categories, Hickmann, Maya † and Stéphane Robert (eds.), pp. 121–135 | Article
Liejiong, Xu and Alain Peyraube 1997 On the Double Object Construction and the Oblique Construction in CantoneseStudies in Language 21:1, pp. 105–127 | Article
The double-object construction has always been a controversial issue in linguistic theory. In Chinese we encounter an interesting and peculiar situation: both Mandarin and Cantonese have the dative construction with the indirect object (IO) introduced by a dative preposition (V + DO + Prep. + IO),… read more