Frank van Meurs

List of John Benjamins publications for which Frank van Meurs plays a role.


Few studies on evaluations of non-native English (NNE) accents by non-native listeners have taken into account degrees of accentedness. This study investigated the perception of moderately and slightly accented English by NNE in an educational context. Eight male speakers recorded two fragments of… read more
It has been suggested that differences in mental processing affect the persuasiveness of language use. Within the Elaboration Likelihood Model framework, we examined if there were differences in the persuasiveness of English versus Dutch words in job ads depending on the way the job ads were… read more
Rooy, Lonneke van, Berna Hendriks, Frank van Meurs and Hubert Korzilius 2006 Job advertisements in the Dutch mental health care sector: Preferences of potential applicantsInformation and Document Design: Varieties on Recent Research, Carliner, Saul, Jan Piet Verckens and Cathy de Waele (eds.), pp. 61–81 | Article
Dasselaar, Linda, Frank van Meurs, Rob le Pair en Hubert Korzilius 2005 Het Effect van Het Gebruik van Engels OP Websites Voor Nederlandse JongerenMeertaligheid zonder meer, pp. 81–92 | Article
The use of English in advertising aimed at non-native speakers of English is claimed to enhance image and text evaluation and to have no negative impact on comprehension. We tested these claims using promotional websites aimed at Dutch youngsters. Dutch secondary school pupils evaluated a… read more
Hornikx, Jos, Frank van Meurs en Marianne Starren 2005 Welke Associaties Roepen Vreemde Talen in Reclame op?Meertaligheid zonder meer, pp. 71–80 | Article
In multilingual advertising, a foreign language is often used for symbolic purposes. Symbolic associations carried by the foreign language are assumed to transfer to the product advertised. Although a number of suggestions have been made as to the associations generated by foreign language use, it… read more
Gerritsen, Marinel, Frank van Meurs and Wendy Diepstraten 2001 Consumers iews on text characteristics of product recall noticesThe Pragmatics of Crisis, Jacobs, Geert and Luuk Van Waes (eds.), pp. 258–271 | Article
Consumers who have suffered as a result of a product defect can claim compensation from the producer. By placing a product recall notice, producers can reduce their liability. Ideally, such a notice should protect the image of the company as well as warn consumers. The problem is that a clear… read more