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Plank, Frans 2015 Time for changePerspectives on Historical Syntax, Viti, Carlotta (ed.), pp. 61–92
In order to get an angle on deep-time historical relationships between languages, beyond what can be fathomed by the Comparative Method, and in order to model and thereby understand the evolution of typological diversity, attention is increasingly being paid to the question of time-stability of… read more | Article
Change affects different parts of the lexicon and grammar differently, and in particular some parts are more time-stable than others. The creation of family names from words of other classes is an example, and many such examples need to be examined before credible generalizations can be made about… read more | Article
When local adpositions, whatever their own sources, are metaphorically extended to the domain of numerical approximation (as in ‘around five bottles’), as they not uncommonly are, and when such expressions are then admitted to grammatical relations otherwise reserved for noun phrases, such as… read more | Article
Plank, Frans 2000 ForewordGrammatical Relations in Romani: The Noun Phrase, Elšík, Viktor and Yaron Matras (eds.), pp. 1 ff.
Cross-linguistically unusual though it is for active clauses with reflexive pronouns as objects to be passivizable, German does permit such passives. Passives with reflexives, widely neglected in German grammar, are examined against the backdrop of purportedly general constraints on the control of… read more | Article
Naumann, Bernd, Frans Plank and Gottfried Hofbauer 1992 PrefaceLanguage and Earth: Elective affinities between the emerging sciences of linguistics and geology, Naumann, Bernd, Frans Plank and Gottfried Hofbauer (eds.), pp. xiii–xvi
Plank, Frans 1992 Language and Earth as Recycling MachinesLanguage and Earth: Elective affinities between the emerging sciences of linguistics and geology, Naumann, Bernd, Frans Plank and Gottfried Hofbauer (eds.), pp. 221–269
Plank, Frans 1990 Paradigm arrangement and inflectional homonymy: old English casePapers from the 5th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics, Adamson, Sylvia M., Vivien A. Law, Nigel Vincent and Susan Wright (eds.), pp. 379 ff.
The first descriptive grammar of Greenlandic Eskimo was published in 1760 by Paul Egede, continuing the work of his father, Hans, and his missionary collaborator, Albert Top. Curiously, however, the comparative study of Greenlandic had already been inaugurated in 1745, when Marcus Wöldike… read more | Article
Plank, Frans 1989 On Humboldt on the DualLinguistic Categorization: Proceedings of an International Symposium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, April 10–11, 1987, Corrigan, Roberta, Fred Eckman and Michael Noonan (eds.), pp. 293–333
Plank, Frans 1987 Number neutralization in old English: failure of functionalism?Explanation and Linguistic Change, Koopman, Willem F., Frederike van der Leek, Olga Fischer and Roger Eaton (eds.), pp. 177 ff.
Plank, Frans 1984 The Modals Story RetoldStudies in Language 8:3, pp. 305–364