Ton van Haaften

Ton van Haaften

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Argumentative Style: A pragma-dialectical study of functional variety in argumentative discourse

Frans H. van Eemeren, Bart Garssen, Sara Greco, Ton van Haaften, Nanon Labrie, Fernando Leal and Peng Wu

[Argumentation in Context, 20] 2022. x, 332 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Argumentative style is assumed to be instrumental to the implementation of an arguer’s strategic plan to resolve a difference of opinion in his/her favor. One important constitutive element of argumentative style are linguistic choices. It is therefore crucial to pay close and systematic attention… read more | Article
Haaften, Ton van. 2017. Chapter 11. Strategic maneuvering with presentational choices in Dutch parliamentary debate. Contextualizing Pragma-Dialectics, Eemeren, Frans H. van and Peng Wu (eds.), pp. 177–192
Doury, Marianne, Ton van Haaften and Francisca Snoeck Henkemans. 2011. Strategic maneuvering in critical reactions to pragmatic argumentation: The case of Henry Porter contra Tony Blair. Keeping in touch with Pragma-Dialectics: In honor of Frans H. van Eemeren, Feteris, Eveline T., Bart Garssen and Francisca Snoeck Henkemans (eds.), pp. 21–38