Rosa Rabadán

List of John Benjamins publications for which Rosa Rabadán plays a role.


Ramón García, Noelia and Rosa Rabadán 2024 The Spanish subjunctive mood and its English correspondences: A case for complexity across languagesComparing Crosslinguistic Complexity, Ström Herold, Jenny and Magnus Levin (eds.), pp. 33–56 | Article
Corpus-based contrastive studies have successfully addressed the empirical study of crosslinguistic similarities and differences and may also contribute to understanding complexity across languages. This paper aims at (dis)proving whether the Spanish subjunctive mood shows greater complexity… read more
Light Verb Constructions (LVCs) are combinations of a partially delexicalized verb and a noun indicating an action or an event (e. g., give a description). Studies modelled on the Meaning-Text theory and qualia roles of the Generative Lexicon model propose that LVCs combine nouns and verbs… read more
Authoring support consists of (semi)automated aids to be used at different stages during the writing process. Language information, however, tends to be restricted to areas such as spelling and grammar checking or term banks, and text construction difficulties that writers face concerning the… read more
Rabadán, Rosa 2019 Working with parallel corpora: Usefulness and usabilityParallel Corpora for Contrastive and Translation Studies: New resources and applications, Doval, Irene and M. Teresa Sánchez Nieto (eds.), pp. 57–78 | Chapter
Although parallel corpora are vital for cross-linguistic and natural language processing (NLP) research, most have been designed for just one particular purpose, which may unnecessarily restrict their usefulness and usability. My argument is that the usefulness of existing parallel corpora… read more
This paper provides an analysis of the lexico-grammatical features used in English and Spanish in the rhetorical part pertaining to the proposal step of a particular genre, meeting minutes. The results have been used in the construction of a computerized writing aid designed to assist Spanish… read more
Rabadán, Rosa and Marlén Izquierdo 2013 A corpus-based analysis of English affixal negation translated into SpanishAdvances in Corpus-based Contrastive Linguistics: Studies in honour of Stig Johansson, Aijmer, Karin and Bengt Altenberg (eds.), pp. 57–82 | Article
This paper reports on a corpus-based analysis of how English affixal negation is translated into Spanish and the extent to which the use and distribution of the translations differ from those in non-translated Spanish texts. Empirical data for the study are drawn from the ACTRES Parallel Corpus… read more
Rabadán, Rosa 2010 Applied Translation StudiesHandbook of Translation Studies: Volume 1, Gambier, Yves and Luc van Doorslaer (eds.), pp. 7–11 | Article
Rabadán, Rosa, Belén Labrador and Noelia Ramón García 2009 Corpus-based contrastive analysis and ­translation universals: A tool for translation quality assessment English --> SpanishBabel 55:4, pp. 303–328 | Article
Project) developed at the University of León (Spain) for identifying instances of low-quality rendering of grammatical features when translating from English into Spanish using translation universals. The analysis provides information about: i) the resources available (or absence thereof) in each… read more
Rabadán, Rosa 2008 Refining the idea of "applied extensions"Beyond Descriptive Translation Studies: Investigations in homage to Gideon Toury, Pym, Anthony, Miriam Shlesinger † and Daniel Simeoni (eds.), pp. 103–118 | Article
The intersections of DTS with other related disciplines can provide potential sources of enrichment that go beyond the usual methodological divisions. This seems to be the case of corpus-based contrastive analysis which, while sharing procedures and research protocols that are properly referred to… read more
This paper addresses the question of how English and Spanish encode the modal meanings of possibility and necessity. English modals and Spanish modal periphrases emerge as ‘cross-linguistic equivalents’ in this area. Data from two monolingual ‘comparable’ corpora — the Bank of English and CREA —… read more
Rabadán, Rosa 1991 The unit of translation revisitedTranslation: Theory and Practice, Tension and Interdependence, Larson, Mildred L. (ed.), pp. 38 ff. | Article