Heinrich Ramisch

List of John Benjamins publications for which Heinrich Ramisch plays a role.


Ramisch, Heinrich 2014 At the crossroads of variation studies and corpus linguistics: The analysis of past tense and past participle formsThe Evolution of Englishes: The Dynamic Model and beyond, Buschfeld, Sarah, Thomas Hoffmann, Magnus Huber and Alexander Kautzsch (eds.), pp. 301–311 | Article
Past tense and past participle forms of the type learned / learnt or burned / burnt have been studied both in variationist and corpus linguistics. As the variation is based on a phonological difference in the spoken language, it is rather important to ascertain whether the forms analysed in the… read more
Ramisch, Heinrich 2006 Review of Tristram (2003): The Celtic Englishes IIIEnglish World-Wide 27:3, pp. 370–374 | Review