Ludger Zeevaert

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ludger Zeevaert plays a role.


Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language policy | Multilingualism


Baumgarten, Nicole, Annette Herkenrath, Thomas Schmidt, Kai Wörner and Ludger Zeevaert 2007 Studying connectivity with the help of computer-readable corpora: Some exemplary analyses from modern and historical, written and spoken corporaConnectivity in Grammar and Discourse, Rehbein, Jochen, Christiane Hohenstein and Lukas Pietsch (eds.), pp. 259–289 | Article
This paper discusses methodological aspects of the use of electronic language corpora for the study of connectivity. We demonstrate how a corpus-based approach was used to investigate functional characteristics of coordinating elements in sentence- or utterance-initial position across different… read more
This article is aimed at providing a theoretical subsumption of the term receptive multilingualism. Receptive multilingualism is seen as a communicative practice used in situations of verbal interaction under special circumstances. It is characterised by different languages being used by the… read more
Zeevaert, Ludger and Jan D. ten Thije 2007 IntroductionReceptive Multilingualism: Linguistic analyses, language policies and didactic concepts, Thije, Jan D. ten and Ludger Zeevaert (eds.), pp. 1–21 | Article