Vera Regan

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This chapter examines migrants’ use of French L2, analysing the speech of ten L1 Polish speakers, thirty to sixty years, in a naturalistic setting. Using informal conversations, this study focuses on L1 variation patterns; specifically ne deletion, a sensitive and powerful indicator of social… read more | Chapter
Regan, Vera 2021 Chapter 8. Second language acquisition and dialectal variation in adultsSociolinguistic Variation and Language Acquisition across the Lifespan, Ghimenton, Anna, Aurélie Nardy and Jean-Pierre Chevrot (eds.), pp. 185–198
This chapter addresses the issue of how the L2 speaker acquires the probabilistic grammar of another language. This implies the related, wider question of whether, as humans, we have some innate knowledge of probabilities and what form such knowledge takes for L2 speakers. The issue is addressed by… read more | Chapter
Nestor, Niamh and Vera Regan 2015 The significance of age and place of residence in the positional distribution of discourse like in L2 speechPragmatic Markers in Irish English, Amador-Moreno, Carolina P., Kevin McCafferty and Elaine Vaughan (eds.), pp. 408–432
This chapter investigates the use of discourse markers in L2 Irish English, specifically like by Polish people, assuming that the use of discourse markers is an indicator of integration. Quantitative and qualitative approaches are used to analyse the corpus of speech, focusing in particular on the… read more | Article
Nestor, Niamh, Caitriona Ni Chasaide and Vera Regan 2012 Discourse ‘like’ and social identity – a case study of Poles in IrelandNew Perspectives on Irish English, Migge, Bettina and Máire Ní Chiosáin (eds.), pp. 327–354
Ireland has experienced momentous change in the last decade and a half. Migrants now make up a significant percentage of the population and the question of integration continues to be pertinent. One indicator of integration is language, and the fluency with which an L2 speaker uses L1 discourse… read more | Article
Regan, Vera 2010 Sociolinguistic competence, variation patterns and identity construction in L2 and multilingual speakersEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 10 (2010), Roberts, Leah, Martin Howard, Muiris Ó Laoire and David Singleton (eds.), pp. 21–37
Dewaele, Jean-Marc and Vera Regan 2001 The use of colloquial words in advanced French interlanguageEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 1 (2001), Foster-Cohen, Susan H. and Anna Nizegorodcew (eds.), pp. 51–67
This article addresses the issue of underrepresentation or avoidance of colloquial words in a cross-sectional corpus of advanced French interlanguage (IL) of 29 Dutch L1 speakers and in a longitudinal corpus of 6 Hiberno-Irish English L1 speakers compared with a control group of 6 native speakers… read more | Article