Stéphane Robert

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Space in Languages: Linguistic Systems and Cognitive Categories

Edited by Maya Hickmann † and Stéphane Robert

[Typological Studies in Language, 66] 2006. x, 362 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Semantics | Typology

Language Diversity and Cognitive Representations

Edited by Catherine Fuchs and Stéphane Robert

[Human Cognitive Processing, 3] 1999. x, 229 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive psychology | Semiotics


In Wolof (Atlantic, Niger-Congo), the grammatical uses of the word for head (bopp) with a possessive modifier range from direct and indirect reflexive pronoun to adnominal intensifier through an intermediary genitival reflexive. This study analyzes the semantic continuity between those different… read more | Chapter
Robert, Stéphane 2018 The challenge of polygrammaticalization for linguistic theory: Fractal grammar and transcategorial functioningTranscategoriality: A crosslinguistic perspective, Hancil, Sylvie, Danh Thành Do-Hurinville and Huy Linh Dao (eds.), pp. 106–132
Transcategorial morphemes share the common ability to be used synchronically across different syntactic categories (synchronic grammaticalization). This paper first shows that transcategoriality is a general property of linguistic systems, variously exploited by languages, then addresses the… read more | Article
Perfective aspect is the unmarked form of the Wolof verbal system. It is analyzed here as an aspectual by-product of the conjugation’s core meaning, induced by three different configurations: resulting state (Perfect), temporal presupposition (focusing conjugations), and a comprehensive view of the… read more | Article
Due to the specificity of its verb conjugation system, Wolof (Senegal) favors parataxis for clause combining and provides an interesting case where interclausal dependency can be marked by forms indicating information hierarchy. Furthermore, the study of clause combining shows that, with some… read more | Article
Robert, Stéphane 2010 Focus in Atlantic languagesThe Expression of Information Structure: A documentation of its diversity across Africa, Fiedler, Ines and Anne Schwarz (eds.), pp. 233–260
This paper presents an overview of the formal markings characteristic of focus in Atlantic languages and reflection on some problematic uses of focused forms. A common (but not universal) feature of these languages is the use of verb morphology (in various ways) to express focus. What is most… read more | Article
This chapter, entrenched in cognitive linguistics, proposes a multidimensional approach to the layering of the lexicon and its semantic organization, explicating the principles of variation and stabilization of lexical networks. Semantic variation is considered as inherent to language structure and… read more | Article
Hickmann, Maya † and Stéphane Robert 2006 Introduction: Space, language, and cognition: Some new challengesSpace in Languages: Linguistic Systems and Cognitive Categories, Hickmann, Maya † and Stéphane Robert (eds.), pp. 1–15
Robert, Stéphane 2006 Deitic space in Wolof: Discourse, syntax and the importance of absenceSpace in Languages: Linguistic Systems and Cognitive Categories, Hickmann, Maya † and Stéphane Robert (eds.), pp. 155–174
Robert, Stéphane 2005 The challenge of polygrammaticalization for linguistic theory: Fractal grammar and transcategorical functioningLinguistic Diversity and Language Theories, Frajzyngier, Zygmunt, Adam Hodges and David S. Rood (eds.), pp. 119–142
Robert, Stéphane 1999 Cognitive invariants and linguistic variability: From units to utteranceLanguage Diversity and Cognitive Representations, Fuchs, Catherine and Stéphane Robert (eds.), pp. 21 ff.