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List of John Benjamins publications for which Ian Roberts plays a role.

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Noam Chomsky and Language Descriptions

Edited by John Ole Askedal, Ian Roberts and Tomonori Matsushita

Subjects English linguistics | Generative linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics

Germanic Languages and Linguistic Universals

Edited by John Ole Askedal, Ian Roberts, Tomonori Matsushita and Hiroshi Hasegawa

Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Roberts, Ian 2018 Chapter 17. Object clitics for subject clitics in Francoprovençal and PiedmonteseStructuring Variation in Romance Linguistics and Beyond: In honour of Leonardo M. Savoia, Grimaldi, Mirko, Rosangela Lai, Ludovico Franco and Benedetta Baldi (eds.), pp. 257–267 | Chapter
This article illustrates and analyses the intricate phenomenon of OCL-for-SCL, found in certain varieties of Franco-Provençal Valdôtain and Piedmontese. This phenomenon, which at first sight appears highly unusual, reflects operations of morphophonological realisation of the kind developed in the… read more
Biberauer, Theresa and Ian Roberts 2017 Chapter 4. Conditional inversion and types of parametric changeWord Order Change in Acquisition and Language Contact: Essays in honour of Ans van Kemenade, Los, Bettelou and Pieter de Haan (eds.), pp. 57–77 | Chapter
We document a case of change from a mesoparameter to a microparameter to a nanoparameter involving Conditional Inversion (CI) in English. What has changed since Old English is the range of elements affected by T-to-C movement, and how it relates to other forms of head-movement into the C-field. In… read more
Biberauer, Theresa and Ian Roberts 2016 Parameter typology from a diachronic perspective: The case of Conditional InversionTheoretical Approaches to Linguistic Variation, Bidese, Ermenegildo, Federica Cognola and Manuela Caterina Moroni (eds.), pp. 259–292 | Article
This paper considers the question of the nature of parameters from a diachronic perspective, focusing in particular on the case of Conditional Inversion (CI) in the history of English. The objective is to show that it is meaningful to think of parameters and their synchronic robustness and… read more
Roberts, Ian 2010 Grammaticalization, the clausal hierarchy and semantic bleachingGradience, Gradualness and Grammaticalization, Traugott, Elizabeth Closs and Graeme Trousdale (eds.), pp. 45–73 | Article
This paper takes questions regarding gradience and gradualness to be questions concerning the nature of grammatical categories. A notion of grammatical category is pursued which is not gradient, but rather more “traditional” in the sense that category membership is an instance of standard set… read more
Roberts, Ian, John Ole Askedal and Tomonori Matsushita 2010 PrefaceNoam Chomsky and Language Descriptions, Askedal, John Ole, Ian Roberts and Tomonori Matsushita (eds.), pp. 1–10 | Miscellaneous
Askedal, John Ole, Ian Roberts, Tomonori Matsushita and Hiroshi Hasegawa 2009 PrefaceGermanic Languages and Linguistic Universals, Askedal, John Ole, Ian Roberts, Tomonori Matsushita and Hiroshi Hasegawa (eds.), pp. 1–4 | Miscellaneous
Biberauer, Theresa and Ian Roberts 2008 Cascading parameter changes: Internally-driven change in Middle and Early Modern EnglishGrammatical Change and Linguistic Theory: The Rosendal papers, Eythórsson, Thórhallur (ed.), pp. 79–113 | Article
Biberauer, Theresa and Ian Roberts 2006 Loss of residual “head final” orders and remnant fronting in Late Middle English: Causes and consequencesComparative Studies in Germanic Syntax: From Afrikaans to Zurich German, Hartmann, Jutta M. and László Molnárfi (eds.), pp. 263–297 | Article