Allan R. Bomhard

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Subjects Comparative linguistics | Historical linguistics

Papers from the Third International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Hamburg, August 22–26 1977

Edited by J. Peter Maher, Allan R. Bomhard and E.F.K. Koerner †

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 13] 1982. xvi, 434 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics

Bono Homini Donum: Essays in Historical Linguistics, in Memory of J. Alexander Kerns. (2 volumes)

Edited by Yoël L. Arbeitman and Allan R. Bomhard

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 16] 1981. xvi, 557, viii, 581 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics


This paper takes a fresh look at the reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-European cardinal numbers. Evidence is presented that the earliest form of the number “two” was (in traditional reconstruction) *do- and that the form usually given in the standard handbooks, namely, *duwō/*dwō, was a later… read more
Bomhard, Allan R. 2004 Indo-European *men- and *tel-Studies in Baltic and Indo-European Linguistics: In honor of William R. Schmalstieg, Baldi, Philip and Pietro U. Dini (eds.), pp. 33 ff. | Chapter
Bomhard, Allan R. 1998 Nostratic, Eurasiatic, and Indo-EuropeanNostratic: Sifting the Evidence, Salmons, Joseph C. and Brian D. Joseph (eds.), pp. 17 ff. | Article
Bomhard, Allan R. 1988 The Reconstruction of the Proto-Semitic Consonant SystemFucus: A Semitic/Afrasian Gathering in Remembrance of Albert Ehrman, Arbeitman, Yoël L. (ed.), pp. 113–140 | Article
Bomhard, Allan R. 1987 Publications Received/Ouvrages Reçus/Eingegangene SchriftenDiachronica 4:1/2, pp. 269–279 | Miscellaneous
Bomhard, Allan R. 1986 The Aspirated Stops of Proto-Indo-EuropeanDiachronica 3:1, pp. 67–79 | Article
SUMMARY The traditional reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-European stop system consists of (1) plain voiceless stops, (2) voiceless aspirates, (3) plain voiced stops, and (4) voiced aspirates. A review of the data from the daughter languages shows that series 1 should be reinterpreted as voiceless… read more